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╚>Tu es passionné par le speedrun? N'hésite plus, ici c'est 100% sur le thème de speedrun.
╚>Notre seul but est de former une grande communauté avec un grand nombre de personnes autour du speedrun!
╚>Tu peux partager tes streams quand tu fais du speedrun
╚>Partage tes meilleurs temps
╚>Des salons spéciaux pour que tu puisses parler du jeu que tu speedrun!
╚>Tu peux même rejoindre si tu en fais pas mais que tu es passionné il n'y aura pas de problème!

Merci d'avoir lu et on se dit peut être à tout à l'heure sur le serveur👀
We offer vent, gaming, aesthetic and more channels. We would love to grow Hades Hideaway. Member age ideally is 13-30.
Welcome to Flame Nation. Here you can earn levels by chatting. You can also meet many new people. Make sure to subscribe to the yt:
A fast growing 1.16.4 Survival minecraft server looking for new and active players! Join the community and have fun! 😁👍
🔥The Metal Uprising Halo Clan,
is returning this Holiday Season when Infinite Drops! We also have turned our Clan Discord into a Clan Recruitment HUB so you can spread your recruitment network. We also have a Battlefinder Channel.

TMUR Halo Clan will have Competitive MLG, and Raid Teams! We already have 2 MLG Coaches waiting to teach you how to play competitive Halo!

(Branches and Divisions)🛡
We have Divisions within each Branch that you can choose that suit your play style as well as a casual Core Branch just to play with your friends!

We will also be introducing TMUR Sangelli and UNSC Divisions for Roleplay skirmishes and Raids!

(Ranking System)⏫
Your rank in the Clan will Depend on your rank in our Discord so the more active you are in-game and in chat and voice channels the quicker you will rank up. We have over 160 levels of ranking with over 20 ranks ( So far)

You can also Check us out on YouTube by searching The Metal Uprising Clan!

We have been in the community since 2012! (2012-2015, 2019-2020)🏛
Message @Bamlett53 to Join or recruit for your Clan!
The metal Uprising Reforged

@Reception to get Verified for Server Access
-Welcome to the discord server (if you joined)
-Must read rules before doing anything else (ignore you will either get kicked/banned
-if you want to join in the Gaming Voice Chat, you need to ask either the owner, admin, and the mod

Enjoy :D
D.S.O.T.R is an Overwatch based community with a relaxed atmosphere for both casual and competitive players. We also have channels for other games such as Cod, Apex, and Monster hunter, but there are always plenty of other games we play together.

What we have on the server:

🎮 LFG Categories
⚔️Server Hosted Tournament Events
⭐Assignable Roles For Overwatch
💲 Roles Shop
🎲 Casino
🎵 Music Bots

If you're interested please feel free to join us. See you there!
The Roz Royal Empire was one of the most organized and effective gaming groups to ever step foot on GTA Online. A very well known force not to be reckoned with when it came to PvP. Previously we stayed as a tight knit group of friends focusing solely on GTA Online operations. Now we are beginning to expand our reach to not only other games but platforms. We expect to be fully operational on GTA Online and the Call of Duty Series on the PS4/PS5/PC going into 2021.
This server is a discord server for all gamers, run by the community. We have Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. This server is just starting out. We are looking for partners! Please DM!
Animal Crossing Thing is a server that excepts everyone!
Everyones super nice and cool!
We have many trading channels and regular talking channels
We have 2 giveaways happening right now!
We hope you join!
We are a group of people that like to have a fun and mess around, why not come have fun with us
Hello! This is a family friendly server where you can meet others, participate in giveaways and events! If you end up seeing this, make sure to join!.. ✨
En este servidor podrán encontrar distintas variedades de juegos como FIFA 20-21, Among Us, etc. incluyendo sorteos y demás secciones! Así que, qué estás esperando ? 😉
If you want to join a small community that is hosting mod apps, events, giveaways, and a levelling system for even better giveaways join here. We have a small staff team and we will be happy to help you if you have any problems!

We have a variety of roles, nationalities of people, channels and many people to communicate with that have interests that may be similar to you own!
Welcome To South Texas RolePlay! We are a custom FiveM RolePlaying server based out of South Texas - Hidalgo County. We have many opportunities for RP such as cartels, gangs, a US/Mex border wall, mechanics, custom cars, towing, Texas DPS, Hidalgo County Sheriff, Hidalgo County Fire/EMS, drag/street racing, off roading, and much more! Please read the rules, schedule your interview, and have fun!
la idea del server es crear una comunidad no toxica y disfrutar de nuestros vídeo juegos favoritos. Somos muy Gentiles con la gente