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Search someone for play or just talk? Join in the community and meet new people!
We are open for everyone who wanna have fun!
We are a small but growing community of friendly gamers with an experienced admin team that are active all the time, we host various games ranging from FPS's such as COD and siege to open world and competitive games like Rust and Fortnite with other casual games like Rocket league!
Box📦 is a team dedicated to bringing out the best in people.
Fill out an application form in the discord to find out if you have what it takes.
- Bist du ein Zocker mit Herz ♥ und Verstand?

- Suchst du leute für lustige Spieleabende?

- magst du Pizza?

Wenn du alles mit "ja" beantworten kannst, ist dieser Server womöglich etwas für dich. Wir würden uns freuen, dich bei uns zu haben und mit dir gemeinsam zu zocken! :)
Welcome to Gamer's Haven! This is primarily a siege server where people can hang out for a game of siege and meet some awesome friends. We also have other gaming channels so if you have interests in other games you can come here and chat/play them with others!
We are a server about pokemon and other games. We just made this server not to long ago and we would love to have new people join so we can become a thriving server. So please join and hopefully it can become a more active server!
Phoenix was established in 2013, born from the ashes of a broken clan.
Our society is built by friends, for friends.
Our policy has always been to recruit based on personality and who you are, rather than choosing by skill or name.
We are not based in any single game, instead spanning across many.
We talk about lots of stuff and we are just randoms looking to know more people come join us and find out ^^
Bonjour à tous, bienvenue sur mon serveur Discord, celui-ci vous permettra de trouver des gens avec qui jouer sur vos jeux préférés et également de passer de bons moments de rire et de détente ^^

- Système de rank
- Jeux interactifs ( Koya et Pokécord )
- Bonne ambiance

Сервер для людей которые ищут тимейтов по играм любых жанров! Пока категорий не так много поэтому вы можете предлагать администрации сервера (которая кстати отзывчива) идеи по обустройству сервера. Все ради вашего удобства! Людей на сервере мало но это можно исправить. Пока имеется система уровней и несколько мини-игр (в том числе и созданых нами), а так же модерация. Ждем новых участников! 🤗
Foxy HD Server: The best Nintendo Switch and Mobile gaming community!

- New uploads and live streams every week!
- Level up by participating in chat!
- Fortnite (PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch & Mobile);
- Promote your YouTube, Twitch Channel and/ or Discord Server;
- Dank Memes 😏;
- Item shop, Weekly Challenges and Patch Notes!
- Giveaways;
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• Free and Safe Weekly Money Drops
• Reliable Sellers
• Daily Giveaways
• Cheap and Safe Recoveries

Are you tired of the grind? Don't have enough money to get that awesome DLC stuff? Looking for a way to get GTA Money for cheap prices? We at Lunar Services provide cheap and reliable recoveries, money drops and even accounts full of great goodies. Our method of adding money, levels, and RP is 100% safe, we have 0 bans till date. Still curious, then join our discord.

Join for a experience like never before. And Happy Gaming.

Welcome to my server! This server is about gaming, memes, streaming, and making new friends. We would love to have you in my server!
Du spielst gerne Spiele und chattest gerne mit coolen Leuten?
Dann trete der Community von German Gaming bei!
Was ist German Gaming?
—>Wir sind ein Discord-Server, der sich auf das Gamen konzentriert.
Wir versuchen alle User mit einzubeziehen so damit jeder User zufrieden sein kann.
Was wir Dir bieten?
-Freundliche Community
-Regelmäßige Updates
-Channel für deine Lieblignsspiele
-Ein kompetentes Team
-Und vieles mehr!

—>Also joine noch heute auf German Gaming und habe Spaß!
Celestial Brother is a Big Brother ORG based off of the reality competition show on CBS, Big Brother! We're currently casting for our next season so come join if you're interested in playing!

Players will compete in Head of Household and Veto competitions and battle it out to become the last houseguest remaining!
This is a fun server for Legend of Zelda fans (don't worry we have other things here then just Legend of Zelda stuff). This server is brand new and as of me making this we have 3 members but we hope to grow! We do have other bots like pokecord but know that this is a server for mainly talking about The Legend of Zelda and with each other. Remember to read the rules and select a self role and have fun!
╔══════:fire: ♔ :fire:══════╗

------⋆◦| The peach garden |◦⋆------

╚══════ :fire: ♔ :fire: ══════╝


| :smiling_imp: ✧ NSFW for all you kinky fucks :sweat_drops: |


『 ♛ 』» :black_heart: Aesthetic/cute themed community server. :man_zombie:

『 ♛ 』» :wave_tone2: Welcoming staff

『 ♛ 』» :mag_right: Looking for active members

『 ♛ 』» :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Shitposting channels

『 ♛ 』» :rainbow_flag: LGBTQ+ friendly

『 ♛ 』» :pushpin: Future events

—— » :point_right_tone3: ˚◦˚ Movie nights ˚◦˚

—— » :point_right_tone3: ˚◦˚ Gaming ˚◦˚

—— » :point_right_tone3: ˚◦˚ VC events ˚◦˚

『 ♛ 』» :scroll: Low moderation

『 ♛ 』» :sweat_drops: The server for everyone!


|『:pushpin:』| Pings: @/everyone @/here

|『:camera_with_flash:』| Image:

|『:bellhop:』| Server link:

We welcome you to Loomian News, a Loomian fan server related to the game Loomian Legacy!
We (The Loomian News staff team) host lots of giveaways, events (including art contests) and tournaments!

Join our server if you're looking for a non-toxic community, we also got something for you PVP tryhards!
There's a role called PVP GOD, obtain this role by beating the current PVP god.
Ask us any question about Loomian Legacy and you will have a high chance for an answer.

Help us grow our community by joining! Have fun
A friendly server for Fortnite Safe trading and also fun, games and a chat for both battle royale and save the world!
a small tiny and kind community where you can meet new people, make friends and play different games with each other. Warning! The following server contains "vibe check" and a lot of memes :D