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Server (von 41308) auf 97-120
A place for new people from experts to come join and discuss and make friends. Find team mates and such
(we leak 0 fav codes ) (ALL DAYS)
We talk about lots of stuff and we are just randoms looking to know more people come join us and find out ^^

->We are a gaming server. It is also both an english and filipino server so everyone is welcome to join us! We are open to advertising your stream! You could also look for someone to play with in our server. We keep our server age friendly for everyone. We also have giveaways, sessions, play and just have an amazing time socializing with other people! So come join us!!

fun emotes to use
mini games in the server
gaming sessions
DJ sessions

Definitely a server you wanna be in!
Be part of the team owl!
Hey, you yeah you GachaX is looking for active new members and, we think you would make a great member.
GachaX is a server that offers in-game help to those who need it like co-op, team building, and many more, we play all type of games so join to be part of a great new server.
Here is what this server has to offers🐉
🕸️➡️Daily Giveaway which includes account, role, and more.
➡️Trading/Selling want a better account or just want to start fresh or just need a second account.
➡️Farming Services which is free but you can trade waifu for harder events.
➡️Team Building for Dokkan, Legend, OPTC, Blazing, and more game soon

➡️Bot on the Server
↪️Mudae, Pokecord, Sandra, Discord Ball Z, Dank Memer, and Android 21 more to be added in the future
➡️So what are you waiting for join now and be part of something great?
Welcome to STW Homebase. We host daily Giveaways, chill and have fun!

We hope you have a great stay and are welcomed in our server, and hope you win a giveaway :)
Сервер ютубера TaxonPlay Channel ccылка на канал,Тут много ботов для разликалок,тоесть,боксы БС,музыка и далее!
We are STAOG, a community of users that like the NBA, NFL, and soccer (football). We also discuss a lot of music, from hip hop to metal. We host events like really creative draft comps, contests and etc. NBA and NFL roles included. We recently got to tier 1 nitro boost for extra server features.
Growing Discord Server with a whopping 100+ members (some-what inactive) but anyways as a owner, I have tried to create many different things for the community to get enjoyed by throughout the discord server. At the moment we have many inactive members but we are hoping that we come across the few that push the server to be active. We play a huge variety of games and are always expanding with gaming knowledge. Join in the fun and stick around if know one is there to greet you, we'll eventually greet you to the server with open arms. Who knows Hehe.... you might find a whole group of people with the same interests as you!
Welcome to BOOP!, in this server you're invited to hang out, game, listen to music together or just talk until your face hurts from laughing!
We have juicy memes, nice art and hefty discussions. We win together, we loose together and sometimes we forget friendly fire is on (happens to the best of us).
Feel at home here!
Come on in and take a grab a rifle the ~THE PEOPLES SERVER
~ . We’ve been waiting for you.
Come join Pro Gamer Streams! Stream your games using the "go live" feature!
- Non-Toxic community
- Awesome members
Join Now!
Only PC
Recoveries: (To mod your account)

Bonuses: (Apply to All Tiers) Max Stats, Gender Change (Optional), All Unlocks: All Vehicles (+ Rims), All Weapons, All Hairstyles, All Tattoos, All Trophies, All Heist Unlocks, All Achievements, Everything.
Any Rank 1-8000.

Micro Recovery ---> $5 - $350 Million (Banked), (Rank, limited to 120).
Small Recovery ---> $10 - $700 Million (Banked).
Large Recovery ---> $12 - $900 Million (Banked).
Xtra-Large Recovery ---> $17 - $1.3 Billion (Banked).
Massive Recovery ---> $20 - $1.7 Billion (Banked).
Insane Recovery ---> $25 - $2.3 Billion (Banked).
Ultimate Recovery ---> $30 - $3.5 Billion (Banked).
Godly Recovery ---> $40 - $5 Billion (Banked).
Before buying any of the above recoveries, please make sure you have at least 20-30 mins of GTA Online playtime.

Accounts: (If you don't already have the game, or want another account)

Amateur Tier --> $16.90 - Up to Rank 700, $700 Million, All Unlocks, Max Stats.
Pro Tier --> $20.90 - Up to Rank 1200, $1.2 Billion, All Unlocks, Max Stats.
King Tier --> $31.90 - Up to Rank 2000, $2 Billion, All Unlocks, Max Stats, 1 Modded Outfits.
God Tier --> $49.90 - Any Rank 1-8000, $5 Billion, All Unlocks, Max Stats, 2 Modded Outfits.
Titan Tier --> $79.90 - Any Rank 1-8000, $10 Billion, All Unlocks, Max Stats, 3 Modded Outfits.
WHALE TIER --> $129.90 - Any Rank 1-8000, $20 Billion, All Unlocks, Max Stats, 4 Modded Outfits.
____ Tier--> $00.00 - Any Rank 1-8000, $_ Billion, All Unlocks, Max Stats, _ Modded Outfits. (Make Your Own Package)

Welcome To The Zen Network!! -Running-7.0.8-
A Great bunch of servers for you and your friends!!

A Few Things About what makes us Great!!!
1. Custom Plugin-Pixelmon Bottlecaps!!
2. Custom textured Pokemon to catch and train!!
3. Gyms-Places to hone your skills and gain badges!!
4. Cities-Cool Lore in each city as well as mini games and Gyms!!
5. Safari-Hard to find biomes all in one place!!
7. Ranks-To show off!!Crates-Tons of loot!!
8. EVTraining Area!!
9. Shiny Starters!!
10. Great Staff!!
Offical Network by Zeno

There is Also Weekly Events and A tournament each month for crazy in game items and money!! I hope to see you all there feel free to Join!!

Theres also a skyblock server!!
And a prisons on the way!!

join cause im lonely asf
and ur lonely asf too thats why ur looking for servers
ah haha let me put my minecraft bed next to urs
burası çok tehkeli bir bölge !!!! bu gizli topluluğumuza sende katıl
aslında o kadarda gizli değil
Are you struggling to reach the next rank in GTA? Are you tired of grinding for cash
and getting to the next tier? Then, you need to buy GTA cash and ranks for PC which comes directly from us. We are the internet’s leading supplier of sold in-game currency.

You may play GTA 5 on Steam or Social Club, many sellers can only sell you one or the other, but we can sell our packages for both. It doesn't matter if you have a modded account as we can give you your cash drops without problems. These include additional features such as; unlocks, ranks, high stats, modded outfits and unlocked DLCs. Our packages are 60% cheaper than buying GTA Shark Cards so why not buy from us! What are you waiting for? Get the cash you deserve!

We also have recoveries as an option for when you need the best of the best. A recovery is a method where we log into your account and supply you with everything you ordered, directly and straight to the point. This service is 100% safe with no chance of damage to your account.

Getting your hands on GTA money has never been easier! Simply choose the package you wish to purchase and enter the order portal.
One of our Suppliers will then provide the account details for you, which will contain your purchases. You can then activate the account on your selected platform, be it Steam or Social Club.
🔆 Join Mapquest! 🔆
We are a small, friendly, active server that has a little something for everyone.

👾 Gaming
🌸 Anime
🤖 Fun Bots
🎤 Music
🗣 Voice Chats
🎭 Memes
🌀 Custom Emojis
🚨 spam channel
🔞 NSFW channel
✨ Tiny Keanu Chat!

Come hang out and make some friends!
Chill Nintendo server that anyone can feel free to join.
-Chat about any games here!
-Share friend-codes & art/media!
Staff are willing to help out with any questions.
Discord Communautaire Francophone de Jeux Mobiles. Avec un bon esprit d'entraide et de partage sans oublier la compétition sur certains de nos jeux.

Rejoignez-nous pour plus de fun !