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Серввер для игр, общения, мемасов и развлечения.
Часто обновляю всё подрят.
есть серв в майнкрафте, но это не важно.
Есть система уровней "**набери как можно больше**"
Есть система денег и магаза.
Есть рп чат ( мини ига ), хорошо продумана, но я её дополняю.
будет много обновления, но для этого мне нужен ты)
A server of weird hellspawn, playing games and sharing memes. We play a lot of Among Us but also a lot of other games too such as Warframe.

Come join and Welcome to Hell!
Heyy ! Ça va ?

↬ T'aime partager avec tes amis ↫

↬ Sur ce serveur tu peux discuter de tout, jouer avec les membres, faire de nouvelles rencontres et qui sais des nouveaux amis ! ↫

↬ Tu peux également échanger sur tes jeux, des séries, des mangas/animes ↫

⇢ Les jeux sur lesquels tu peux échanger sont :

⇢ Animal crossing
⇢ Roblox
⇢ Among us
⇢ Gacha
⇢ Wolfy

⇢ Les annimations sont :

⇢ Du Puissance 4
⇢ Du Morpion
⇢ Du Bingo
⇢ Du Pendu

↬Viens t'amuser sur Blue life avec nous !↫
Just a fun server where you can vibe with others and enter giveaways that have no requirements....and game with others
Leuke community waarin mensen met elkaar kunnen spelen en hun passie delen.

- Geweldige staff
- Giveaways
- Geweldige members
- Geweldige games, Cod, Fornite, Cs, Gta
- Clans
- Leuke streamers
Eine kleine Gaming Lounge, ohne Konsolenkrieg.

Wir vertreten alles mögliche was Gaming betrifft!
Bei uns kannst du dich mit anderen austauschen und Leute zum gemeinsamen Zocken finden.

Wir beißen nicht ;) Bei Interesse tritt gerne bei!
WLR is a Pokémon Discord Community with over 10,000 members! While we specialize in Pokemon related bots, we also have a lot more to offer! From a Gaming section that grows everyday and includes tournaments for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, to members who enjoy Pokémon Showdown, you’re likely to find a home somewhere within our server!

🔰Over 10k members!

🔰Consistent Giveaways

🔰Newbie friendly FAQ and question channel!

🔰Gym System, as well as Elite Four

🔰Frequent Karaoke/VC Events where you can win prizes


🔰Showdown Tournaments

🔰Various Gaming Tournaments
•Such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers

🔰We have multiple bots as well as our server exclusive ricebot developed by one of our mods which has a lot of fun commands and pokemon related trivias!

🔰We also have an anime section along with anime related bots like anigame,mudaebot,ramen bot and shoob.

🔰We have 4 pokemon bots and are also partnered with the one called pokemania which gives our server particular perks for the bot!
(15+ only)
open and accepting server for gamers of all kinds ! feel free to join and play a couple round with us! ;))
+e-boys allowed~
+looking for simps also~
+semi-active but comfy~
Hello!~ We're Nintendocord! This server has 270+ members and proud of it! We focus on All of the most popular Nintendo games!

~Active Staff!
~Active Members!
~Music Voice Calls!
~SMM2 Channels!
~Animal Crossing New Horizons!
~Daily/Weekly Events and Competitions!
~Nintendo Related Giveaways!
~And So Much More!
We hope you enjoy your stay here! And on behalf of all the staff, we thank you for joining!
Witaj na serwerze 💪M4TIX SQUAD💪
💥miłą atmosferę,
💥rangi za aktywność,
💥miła administracja,
💥boty do memów, muzyki, organizujemy karaoke,
💥specjalne kanały dla YouTuberów, którzy mają ponad 300 subskrypcji,
💥specjalne czaty do gier,
💥specjalne czaty dla rang,
💥ogółem fajną zabawę,
🔹Serwer jest wciąż rozwijany więc spodziewajcie się jeszcze wielu ciekawych atrakcji. 👊
Wbij i poczuj się jak w domu:
Join our community full of great ppl
We have writers, gamers, poets, techies and all sorts of ppl, even musicians
We're A New Upcoming Gaming Server With Games and players for Apex Legends, Among Us, Hyperscape and minecraft. We are a continuously expanding and adding more games to our arsenal Lets all join and play together, Fight Strong
Není tu ešte vela ludí ale hádam sa rozrastieme:)
(Každý človek má otvorené dvere)
-Aktívny cz/sk server
-Netoxická komunita
-Môžete tu hrať všetky hry
-Rozprávanie o anime/mangách
-Snaženie sa o socializovanie
-Práve prebieha giveaway o steam klúč!
Budeme radi keď sa joineš a verím že si pobyt užiješ:)
Polish Gamers Community

╭࿔‧₊˚꒰🐉꒱ Co oferujemy?
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰🌳꒱ Pomocną administracje
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰🍀꒱ Miłą atmosferę
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰💐꒱ Estetyczny design serwera
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰🥀꒱ Mało pingów everyone/here
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰🌾꒱ Aktywnych użytkowników
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰🌿꒱ Możliwość nawiązywania współprac
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰🌵꒱ Dużo kanałów głosowych pod wybraną grę!
┆࿔‧₊˚꒰🦕꒱ Auto tworzenie kanałów którym jesteś właścicielem
╰࿔‧₊˚꒰🌴꒱ I wiele, wiele więcej!
hello everyone i am the wastelandwalker fellow streamer and game dev have u ever went hey i wanna stay up to date with upcoming updates for games like wastelandcrafter (a kirby maker game) and the legend of zelda online then this is the server for you! i also am working on trying to expand my artforms across the web and the only way to do that is to have a comunity so if u guys wanna stop on by and play some games or watch some twitch :)
Do you want to join a MC server?
Do you have Java?
Well Infinitycraft is the best server for you! With the semi-vanilla format there is plenty of possibility!
Lots of updates are on the way including some new mini-games. E.g miny wars.
The owner always has a poll for big changes but little ones are up to the staff team.
-Make a clan
-Fight a war
-and lots more!
Wir sind ein recht neuer Server in dem es um Gaming geht bei uns könnt ihr Streamen,Werbung machen,.Musik hören oder einfach schreiben neu es gibt jetzt channel wo euch gehören und ihr alles reinschreibt was ihr wollt wir helfen auch gerne neuen Servern ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr joint
We play a lot of Pokémon Go here, we have a couple extra channels for streaming, PC, PlayStation, XBOX, etc. other gaming platforms. Come raid with us! 🥳
This is a discord server were you can play all kinds of games with other people. You can also just talk/have fun with other members of the server