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Server (von 41390) auf 73-96
➢ Haideți pe server dacă vreti să socializati cu oamenii de treabă.
Este un server de Gaming/SocialMedia.
Wir sind der größte deutschsprachige NINTENDO SWITCH Discord Server mit einer Menge an Events, Turnieren und Gewinnspielen ! Werde auch DU Teil einer großartigen Community !
Играем во всё, что предложишь именно ТЫ!
Движемся к званию «Международный Сервер»
Hello, hello! We, the Shrine Maidens, invite you to join our little Touhou Room!

This discord is just a relaxing place to chat about anything that isn't too negative, play around with some bots and all around have a good time! Trust us, we're all friendly and will be more then glad to have you in!

As a 2hu room, we mainly talk about the video game series Touhou, so if you're a 2hu fan it'll be even more fun for ya!

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to dm the Shrine Maidens! We want everyone to have a happy and fun experience here, with hopefully, no stress involved!

Now, what are you waiting for? Come in and enjoy your stay!
-Jsme discord server který teprve začíná.
-Momentálně podporujeme hry - Euro Truck Simulator 2, Fortnite, GTA5, Minecraft, PUBG, ROBLOX
-Do budoucna chceme mít milou a přívětivou komunitu.
- To je tak vše co potřebujete vědět a můžete se na náš server připojit.
We are the organization known as Team Uniroval (URV) ! This is a Competitive PUBGM clan. Our assembly is built on love, loyalty & strength. The goal of competing with the best, rising to be the best! We are focused mainly on ASIA REGION.

We host weekly scrims and big tournaments with huge prize pool. Join now for more information.
Republic of Special Forces Gaming
"Oppresso De Liber"

This group has been published since 2012 by General Derek. We as a Special Forces always perform roleplay on every server and type of game whether it is GTA, CSGO, PUBG, etc. We do PC, Play Station, and Xbox gaming only.

Note: For those who doesn't have any game(especially CSGO and GTA), they can be Discord Military which is used for Discord roleplay once you sign up as discord army. Goodluck!

Welcome to Pot Noodle Community Here You Will Find:

🎮A Friendly Gaming Server✅

🎮Filled With Gamers Looking To Play✅

🎮A Nice Staff Team✅

🎮We Have A Selection Of Games And Roles To Help You Get In A Game As Quickly As Possible With A Team✅
Are you struggling to reach the next rank in GTA? Are you tired of grinding for cash
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You may play GTA 5 on Steam or Social Club, many sellers can only sell you one or the other, but we can sell our packages for both. It doesn't matter if you have a modded account as we can give you your cash drops without problems. These include additional features such as; unlocks, ranks, high stats, modded outfits and unlocked DLCs. Our packages are 60% cheaper than buying GTA Shark Cards so why not buy from us! What are you waiting for? Get the cash you deserve!

We also have recoveries as an option for when you need the best of the best. A recovery is a method where we log into your account and supply you with everything you ordered, directly and straight to the point. This service is 100% safe with no chance of damage to your account.

Getting your hands on GTA money has never been easier! Simply choose the package you wish to purchase and enter the order portal.
One of our Suppliers will then provide the account details for you, which will contain your purchases. You can then activate the account on your selected platform, be it Steam or Social Club.
🎮 **Gaming for Dummies** 🕹

**Have you been looking for a server with a great community that supports all your favourite games? This is the one for you, from active members and fun community to our devoted staff members! You can’t find a much better server than this! What are you waiting for? Come become a dummy!**

**What we have to offer:**
[💬] Active chat and helpful staff
[🥇] Regular events with prizes and giveaways!
[🤖] Fun bots - Pokécord/Casino/Akinator
[🕹] Different game chats - Fortnite/Minecraft/Apex Legends and more to come
[🛃] Custom server emotes
👻This server is my very own Quarc Crew💙
🔥Gamers from all different countries are welcomed!🐬
🎉Join us, and meet the pro players on this server today!📌
Welcome to Channel 35², me along with the rest of the community hope you can join this community of gamers. Our goal is to include the unincluded and to bring a whole new perspective on video games as a whole. Hope you join this cool world of ours.
The only legit server where you can get premium accounts of all sorts for completely free of cost.
We drop shit ton of accounts every day.
We have Netflix, Spotify, hulu, different vpns, pornhub, origin, steam, hotstar, zee5, youtube premium and much more.
😋Welcome to MOON ISLAND😋

Are you bored in your own server feeling lonely. ( that’s sad ) But now you can join. This server is still In beta. Is this a game server you ask? Well its is!!! Play with bots so look down here!!! Like Brawl box and Brawl me. They fun right. ( helps your social and game skills lol ) This is also WIP


Chat channels
Video games
Event channels
HISTORY log to read history of the channel. Also its a really true story
RULES don’t be stupid
And more ( just because I can’t think more )
Brawl stars

Thx to my staff for helping me in real life helping and supporting this server for nothing.... 🤡

So support our discord server today.
Здесь можно найти себе тимейтов для Бравл Старс!Поугарать мемов,пообщятся!Это крутой сервер с классными ролями,оформлением!Конкурсы бесплатные роли! Все это можно найти в нас на сервере!!!
Pixel Planet is an Earth Towny server on an Earth map with the ratio 1:1000 which released on August 11th, 2019. SERVER WILL RESET BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 27!!!! This server includes a custom war system, duels, auction house, crates and voting, brewery etc. The server version is 1.13.2. We offer a very friendly community where we hold weekly in game and discord events! If you have any further questions, feel free to join the discord server and reach out to the staff team! :) IP:
If you enjoy gaming come join this server and chill you can promote anything you want in this server just make sure you follow the rules
PigeonCraft is a minecraft server created to give Minecraft players a good and fun experience! Check it out to know what we mean ;)

We are frequently adding new things and are working our hardest to improve the user experience and make sure the server stays fresh and new!
✨ Chill server themed around secrecy!
✨ Only the necessary rules and the hottest girls!
✨ Active - over 20,000 messages/day!
✨ Part of the new upcoming chain of servers!
✨ 0 mod abuse allowed!
✨ Unique emotes!
✨ Weekly events, giveaways, lots more fun!
A new server to meet friends and discuss news and rumors surrounding Pokemon, as well as all things Nintendo!
Here at Los Santos Midnight Role-Play, we are here to provide you a fun and professional role-play experience, I know your probably tired of these promotional messages, but please take some time out of your day to read this. Although, we support console users only, and cannot provide as many tools, we try our best to make things helpful, easy and professional. We love doing what we do, we love role-playing, and making sure your having the best time possible. We want you, to feel home here, because you are apart of our role-play family, although we are a professional server, we try to make our users feel welcomed.
Hey, we are Vindicators Empire. Are you a gamer? Well, so are we! But we are Vindicators! We offer:

⭐An amazing community!

⭐Friendly and supporting staff!

⭐Fun roles you can earn by being an active members of our server!

⭐You become an Vindicator!

⭐Gaming channels and a meme channel!

⭐Upcoming events with lots of games!

Join now and become a Vindicator:
Welcome to 𝑷𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒆𝒇𝒖𝒍 𝑴𝒐𝒅𝒆! We are well a peaceful and wholesome server that accepts everyone!.....unless you're toxic. Just a nice small server to hang out and we would appreciate it if you joined. We are also a safe place for anyone whether you are LGBT or not we strive to be accepting for everyone!

We really hope you join us on this journey we would greatly appreciate it. Here is a list of some things we offer
- Self Promo
- Over +50 color roles
- Both wholesome and unwholesome lounges
- Pet Picture Channel
- LGBT Safe place/Accepting of everyone
- And More!!!!!
pls give us a chance