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Heyy guys:)) My names Rachel, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Orlando, Florida !! I look forward to meeting and talking with you guys:)
This is a super chill server where we’re pretty much open to anything, we are planning on hosting movie nights in the future, and have gaming VCs and chat as well. Also pronounced Cherry Cola
Communita piccola di Among Us in cerca di persone/amici con cui giocare, per ora siamo pochi pero pian pianino cresceremo. Unisciti a noi se sei in cerca di qualcuno con cui giocare.
Jesteśmy niewielką ekipą poszukującą chętnych ludzi do gier, oferujemy miłą atmosferę oraz wysoką aktywność.
We've got all the things you'll ever need in Saddies
1.Chill teammates who play a decent amount of games like Valorant, Among Us, League of Legends, Apex Legends and more.
2.Friendly admins
3.Welcoming chat with cool people
5.Accepting community
Join us and see what it's all about. :)
Did I mention you can collect some Waifus ;)

∆ | Dank memer based server

∆ | Other fun bots [Idle Miner, OwO, etc.] 🤖

∆ | Multiple Daily Giveaway 🎉

∆ | Stealing/Heisting is disabled so you are safe

∆ | Special Roles for active people 🤵

∆ | Dank memer marketplace and trading 🕵️

∆ | Occasional heist events [150k+]!💰

∆ | needed of cool 🤠

∆ | Open to partnerships! 🤝

∆ | Growing Community 🥺

∆ | Looking for giveaway managers 👽

∆ | Accepting a new trial mod every 50 members
| Heyyyy ihr da
| • Wenn ihr verrückt seit, Spaß haben wollt,
| Gaming, Memes und vieles mehr liebt
| dann ist das hier der richtige Server für euch:3
| • Aber auch wenn es euch schlecht geht,
| findet ihr hier Hilfe!
| das ist ein Server der noch am wachsen ist. Join doch und unterstütze
| uns, finde Freunde, Kameraden und mehr!
| Wir bieten unter anderen:
| • Eine Nette und Faire Serverleitung
| • Eine freundliche Community
| • Gamer, Anime und meme shit
| • Einen Chat wo ALLES an Humor erlaubt ist
| • Memes ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)
| • Eine hilfreiche Seelsorge für Menschis,
| denen es schlecht geht :c
| • Gaaaanz viele verschiedene Bots
| • Eigene VoiceChannels
| • Viele SelfRoles
| Und noch gaaanz viel mehr:3❈
Venez entre potes pour jouer a des jeux comme R6, Dead by Daylight, Among Us, CS-GO mais aussi pour discuter de manga, d'animé et bien sur rencontrer de nouvelles personnes ! ^-^

Dies ist ein sehr aktiver Server der sich auf keinen wirklichen Genre bezieht. Es geht um Multigaming, Unterhaltung und Discord Chat Games.

Was wir anbieten:
| Eine täglich wachsende Community
| Beeinflussbare Geschichten, bei denen ihr bestimmen dürft
| viele/gute Bots
| Gewinnspiele
| Ihr könnt bei uns Partner werden
| Discord Chat Games wie one word story oder count
| Verschiedene Seasons wie in Fortnite
| Ein Discord Geld System, womit ihr euch Ränge usw. kaufen könnt

**Wir freuen uns auf jede einzelne Person!**

Das Cosmoia Server Team
Dopiero co wstał 🥱, wznosi się na wyżyny 😍. To właśnie Polska Husaria Graczy 👊, nowy serwer otwarty na wszystkich graczy, od najmłodszych do najstarszych. Give us a sign! 👻

Aktualnie gramy w:
- Phasmophobia
- Among Us
- League of Legends
- Rocket League

Zagrasz z nami? ❤
* 和成员一起谈天,分享心事 (*´∀`)
* 可以找人陪你玩游戏
* 超赞&实用贴图和动态贴图 (^^)v
* 还能听任何你喜欢的歌
* 获得荒野最新资讯
* 定时友谊赛(赢家有称号)
* 当然还会宣布重要的消息 (・.・;)
* 经常举办许多抽奖 (•ө•)♡
* 许多机器人游戏任你游玩
* 和大家玩有趣的文字游戏
* 问大家功课 (●´ϖ`●)
* 和成员庆祝生日,你将不再孤单
* 有什么意见也可以提出来,群主会改进
* 还有宣传区让你宣传哦
Хэллоу 🥺
Мы Администрация Прекрасного сервера Атлант.
У нас ты можешь:
-- Найти Друзей
-- Пообщаться
-- Поиграть с нами в игры
-- Игровая Экономика
-- Собственные Роли
-- и много всего интересного :)

Давай к нам 👉👈🥺
⌜ ✰ Welcome Escapees ✰ ⌝
Escapism is a North American based server that hosts a wide variety of communities that I hope you’ll be a part of.

We are an International Online gaming community at heart for +13 that accepts you no matter your race, gender nor your sexuality.
A place to escape and meet new friends, Escapism!

》What we include《
- Minecraft Java/Bedrock
- Among us
- Animal Crossing
- Active Voice Channels
- Movie Nights
- Watch Parties
- Great community response
- Active chats
- Active VCs

We hope you stop by and escape with us!

I used to stream and got some people to join my server but now I don't really stream. I am looking for chill people to play games with. Current we are playing a lot of VALORANT, some Albion Online and just started with Among Us.

Join for #vibes
Team Arsenic Is Recruiting!

We look for members that are dedicated to grow! Team Arsenic help members grow on there socials and help you do better.

What we’re looking for?
Content Creators
Competitive Players
Creative Warriors
Gfx Designers
Vfx Editors

What we offer?
Arsenic offers a community and fan base for our members! We also offer a Friendly Environment for people in our server,
We have a well setup server that offers chats for us to chat with grinders. We also have bots that offer games such as dank memer!
Welcome tho "The Land of Mango" Server!

We are a small but lovely server that welcomes everyone.
People here mainly chat about Animes/Mangas, Movies, Games or their everday life.

We also have several bot channels and bots that you can check out.

There is a leveling system integrated into the Tatsumaki bot. The more active you will be, the higher your rank and role will get.
Start as a travellor and make it into the house of the crown.

Also check out our emotes!!!

Things are pretty chill here. Just follow the rules and listen to the mods and Admins.
Those are also the people to contact if you have any questions or issues regarding the server.

Enjoy your stay and have alot of fun!(edited)
This server is where we all chill and vibe and there’s a lot of discord games like idle miner and owo bot with donator and we can chat and chill
Searching for PC gamers.
Join this server to play any tagged games with us and have a lot of fun.
We have pro players who play all the games.
Help me build bigger community!!!
🤜Wir suchen weitere Mitspieler für Spiele wie zum Beispiel Minecraft, Among Us, MW, LoL, COD, usw🤛 Wir haben außerdem viele freundliche Spieler mit denen Ihr euch auch einfach mal unterhalten könnt.