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Server (von 41390) auf 49-72
A Pokemon Go Community that help people with the ins and outs of spoofing! Come join!

We have:
- Lure Parties
- Shiny Hunts
- Shundo Hunts
- Candy Hunts
and much more!
Wij zijn een gaming community met leden verspreid over de gehele Benelux. Join ons en je krijgt toegang tot onze servers. De sociale kant achter het gamen is voor ons het belangrijkst.
We spelen games als Warface, League of Legends, Call of Duty, GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Ring of Elysium, OSRS, Rocket League en nog veel meer..... Join nu en speel gezellig mee!

Met meerdere LAN-party's per jaar en eigen Minecraft servers!!!! Leeftijd: 16+
Hello there! This is a Gamers server,so if you are a gamer,this server is for you! And we have a anime bot and channels for you weebs out there!

We have:

Fun people

Anime Bots

NSFW Channels

Anime Channels

And Giveaways!
Welcome to UNSC HQ we hope u enjoy our gaming and other activities here in unsc ^-^
A server for anybody, no matter what you're into! We're a server that’s mainly based around Nintendo games, but we have lots channels and stuff to find and meet people for many others like Minecraft, etc. We have channels for pretty much everything (including a channel with fun facts about bread, which means you'll most likely never be bored

Hopefully we'll see you soon!
Заходим к нам и играем в игры блок страйк и в Бравл старс,скоро разавьёмся и будем добиваться успехов и делиться с другими(это по желанию) ,админ ютубер ;)
Welcome to STW Homebase. We host daily Giveaways, chill and have fun!

We hope you have a great stay and are welcomed in our server, and hope you win a giveaway :)
Welcome to ERROR_!!
This server welcomes users from all over

Just to list what we have we got:

Roles: roles are given through Tatsumaki

Bots: Our server has many bots that work in all categories that are for all our members to discover

Staff: we have a lovely staff that can help you with any inconvenience ( as long as it’s rational )

Lastly we hope all members have fun and a good time
7 Mod's PC Modding Service
🔹Free Money Drops/Modded Lobbies Quite Often
🔹Cheap Modding/Recovery Services.
🔹100% Trusted and Safe.
🔹Cheap Recoveries (Example: $6.00 = 300mil + level 1-250 + max stats + unlock all) or ( $4.00 = 100mil + level 120 + max stats + unlock all)
About Craft Kings
Welcome to The Craft Kings Hub! Here you will find many Servers, Realms, and Private Worlds. All for Bedrock Edition owned by like minded players just like you! You will also find a lot of exclusive content like mods/addons, packs, and much more!


Everyone is welcome so be sure to invite your friends!


1.No Racism, Harassment, Religious Speech, Politics, Hate Speech, -Inappropriate Language, Posts, or Usernames-, Mental/Physical Health jokes
2.No spamming chat or direct messages.
3.No self-promoting or advertising unless approved by a Craft King/Queen.
4.No trading in game items for actual currency.
5.Posts must be made in the appropriate channel.
6.Do not back seat mod the server. If you aren't a mod then report it to someone who is.
7.Keep your personal information to yourself. It's personal for a reason!
8.Don't forget to have fun! Happy Mining everyone!

This is an English majority discord server. (For Now) If you would like a section added for your region let us know!
The chosens is a fun server to make new friends and chat with them. You can participate in other discord server work by increasing your rank. I hope u will have a great time in the chosens...
Ламповое игровое сообщество с тянками и своими культурными особенностями. А также тут бесплатные раздачи игр, собственная экономика и свои игровые сервера. Мы ждём тебя (─‿‿─)
Excerpt from the servers lore

Time Period:
This is set during the Golden Age of the Sith Empire, about 5000 BBY.

The Solar System:
We take place on a 3 planet solar system. Alcagori is the home of the Jedi HQ, Jorlack 3 is the Sith HQ, and Vorkon 4 is the neutral planet they both battle over.

Reason for fighting:
Aside from the obvious hatred of each other, both the Jedi and Sith suffer from, this planet and solar system has important political consequences for both sides if they lose it. This solar system has been a forefront of the battle since nearly the beginning of the war. Either side losing this would represent a strong symbolic loss, and could destroy the moral of the losers.
Testing Grounds:
Both sides have been using this battlefield as a sort of "Testing Grounds" for their newly anointed Knights and Lords, along with some sending their Apprentices and Padawan's to test their skills in combat here. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a newly anointed Sith Lord/Jedi Knight to make a visit to prove their worth in combat.

The Sith Empire:
Sith have been making attempts to capture Vorkon 4 since the beginning of the war, their failure is only partially related to the Jedi however. With the Sith only one thing is certain, Infighting. 2 Darth's have been vying for the advantage and sabotaging each other in an attempt to claim the glory alone, not only hindering the efforts to capture the planet, but wasting time.

The Republic:
The Republic has been fighting a hopeless battle up until recently. Previously, it was solely the Army's job of fighting the battle for the Solar System, the only thing preventing them from certain doom, being the Sith's infighting. Now, however, they have been recently supplied with Jedi Masters, instead of Jedi Knights coming and going just for experience in combat. These Masters intend to take this system from the cold hands of the Sith.

The Troopers:
In addition to both sides receiving reinforcements of Jedi and Sith, they have gotten Battalions of Troopers. These troopers are anywhere from freshly minted out of camp recruits, to battle hardened veterans.
This is a community discord where we come here and have a good time and chill, play video games, watch videos, share memes, and more. There aren't many rules and we just wanna have a good time and have a drama free atmosphere. Some of you know me and some of you don't but if you're not an asshole you're welcome here.
eSports Organization & Mobile Gaming Community.
Call of Duty Mobile Clans & Tournaments. Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, League of Legends, Fortnite, Diablo Immortal, Pokécord, Pokémon, Giveaways, Events, gifts. Cod Mobile, pokemon, nitro giveaways.
Развивающийся игровой сервер, где Вы сможете найти напарников для игры. Есть небольшое самоуправление, где вы можете купить модератора за виртуальную валюту.
We welcome everyone to join Spectre Gaming!
We’re a fun, casual, 18+ server hoping to meet new PC/Nintendo gamers who want to be part of an awesome gaming community.
We also run events/tournements with prizes.
Join Spectre Gaming today!
Are you a gamer? Are you OPPRESSED? Are you subscribed to PewDiePie?
If so, brother, I must advise you to join this Discord server immediately.
No need to join rhode island ------->
In this server there will be a lot of giveaways and u can see when items gets posted and be the first to buy the limited items and stuff