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Server (von 41992) auf 25-48
Come join a community of peeps who enjoy the finer things in life. We got hella SFW and NSFW content that’s sure to keep you entertained. There’s also plenty of gaming and memes!
Join The Peeps Place Today!
We are finding mass game giveaways (giveaways where everyone wins) , we have a raffles bot that is dropping daily game keys.
Bonjour et bienvenue sur le server Osu Player. Sur se server vous pouvez retrouverez, des salons pour jouer a Osu!, parler d'anime et pour le fun. Le server a pour but, de remmener une communauté Osu! sur discord, pour que l'on s'amuse mais pour aussi réunir les Français les nouveau ect...
Nous venons de crée le server merci d'être indulgent on essayera d'être le plus actif possible.

Voila je pense que c est tout merci et
》Welcome to Nasty Majesties! 《

We are a well organized server that welcomes anyone, especially if you love gaming! Lots of fun bots, funny emotes, NSFW, and loving friends!

》♡ Join our family today! ♡《

This server is ran by me and my group of friends as staff.

◇ We are a boosted server, level 1 so far. ◇

We hope you stick around!


This is an Krunker,Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Seige clan leaded by Main: Founder: GooTheFrog (Krunker), Co - Owners: milan2211bra (Rainbow 6 Seige)
Derpy (Rocket League)
🔥Do you have some GTA Needs? We can fix that for you! 🔥
GTAV Money? ✔️
Casino Chips?✔️
Rank? ✔️
Unlocks? ✔️
Free Cars? ✔️
Pre Modded Accounts? ✔️ (Instant Delivery❗🔥)
Giveaways? ✔️
All on the cheap? ✔️
Want a Custom Recovery? No Problem! ✔️
Then this is the server for you! Very fast and reliable! GIVEAWAYS happens every 50 members (Prize 100 Million Dollars) and every 100 Members ( Prize 1 Billion Dollars) 🔥 0% Ban Rate! Use only the BEST PAID mod menus! 🔥


🔥🔥Invite Rewards! 🔥🔥

💰[5 Invites] Free 50 Million Dollar Recovery!
💰[50 Invites] Free 500 Million Dollar Recovery!
💰[100 Invites] Free 1 Billion Dollar Recovery!
ஜ════ஜ||ஜ════ ஜ
Мы дружественный и растущий сервер сообщества с:
Сообщество игрового MINECRAFT | майнкрафт сервера FaweMC 1.8-1.14+
ஜ════ஜ||ஜ════ ஜ
¤ Дискорд сервер по майнкрафт серверу FaweMC
¤ Роли по эмодзи/личные роли [Выдаем роли по привилегии,которую купили на этом проекте]
¤ Вы ещё можете получить роль за лвл [За актив]
¤ Наборы в Администрацию
¤ Уникальные, веселые эмоции
¤ Развлечения
¤ Активный дискорд сервер
» IP: «
✧ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ✧
We are an upcoming server where we do daily giveaways of pokecord, accounts and nitros. We also provide features like promotions, pokecord, services and many more. Join for more info
Modding type discord along with a gta community for fun and a decent modding community
This is a gaming community server where everyone is welcome - with a lot of channels and fun! Giveaways, events, jokes and much more! So, what are you waiting for? It is free to join and takes only a few clicks! I'll see you there :D
This is a very fun, engaging, and active server that talks about games and other cool stuff. Our server revolves around 8 ball pool. Be sure to check it out!
If you're a gamer, but like you're also a slut, bo ydo we have the server for you. 18+ only though.
Join This Server If u Want anything like nudes, fortnite acc, spotify, littery anything we got u
A small LGBT-friendly community filled with people from all over the world! Join us and talk about games! (and also other stuff like art, music, movies, TV, or animals)!
Um servidor cheio de amigos, interação, diversão, eventos, jogos, pokemon, gartic, akinator e muitas outras coisas divertidas!
Hey daar en welkom bij de Benelux Rocket League Community!
Deze server is gecreeert om spelers, teams en organisaties op een gemakkelijke manier met elkaar in contact te brengen.

Ben jij als speler bijvoorbeeld op zoek naar een team? Of zijn jullie als team opzoek naar een speler? Of misschien ben jij wel die organisatie die opzoek is naar een team!
Voel je vrij om opzoek te gaan naar datgene wat jij zoekt! (Simpel toch?)

Natuurlijk is het ook gewoon mogelijk om vriendschappelijke potjes met members te spelen om je skill niveau omhoog te brengen!

We zien je daar!
Join this server to have a all-on-one-bot-gaming platform.
If a bot is not right there, you can suggest it and we'lll look up to implement it.

Whats right now here:
- Pokecord
- Pokeverse
- Mewbot
- Poke Egg
- Monstacord
- Digimon
- Dragon Ball Z
- OwO
- music bot
- ... much more bots!

What we offer additionly:
- music bot
- ranking such as weekly with rewards
- giveaways
- self roles for pings

We also search for moderators and Pokemonbot experts. Come and join us! :-)
Best Server for Games like Minecraft fornite & PUBG & free fire best community friendly members invite rewards & unlock more role
This server is of an intellectual regime, 999IQ is required for your application. We have friendly staff waiting to harass our members and we have many other things like a nice hot steaming meal of shit-post and much more. Join us now!
NEDI- Это новый быстроразвивающийся сервер! И сейчас я раскажу вам про него.
- У нас есть добрая Администрацыя!
- Больше 50+ ролей
- NSFW канал
- Отличный интерфейс!
- И многое другое!
Bonjour, bonsoir !

Aujourd'hui je vous présente un serveur Discord, c'est un serveur minecraft mini-jeux qui contient des jeux inédits, sur le discord ont fait souvent des events pour gagner des lots IRL ou des comptes.