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Server (von 41632) auf 1-24
You dont have to verified
If you love rp or erp i have a promoted server for you to join
You can promote youre stuff
A problem with another member i give you a the private role to talk about it in a private room for better understanding
it's your lucky day, you've scrolled upon you're next favorite server. Active Discord with stuff like gaming, anime, memes, Pokécord, Mudae, hentai/NSFW, and tons of other stuff. Join now and make yourself apart of our close community.
Gods and Goddesses' Gaming is formerly known as "The Lifestyle Avenue.” G&G Gaming is a small community of gamers, and people who just want to hang out.

Mini games:
Dank Memer
Idle RPG

Mortals - Level 0
Warriors - Level 5
Heroes - Level 10
Demigods - Level 25
Lesser Gods - Level 50
Gods and Goddesses - Level 100
Titans - VIP
Olympians - Moderators

Currently we have 100 emotes, and 100 animated emotes. [Boost the server to unlock more!]

Established: March 06, 2018
[NEW] We encourage self promotion
- We, this server, support lgbtq+ and trans rights.
We be goofin' and we be gaffin'. We got cool server memes EGGxclusive to anywhere else.
-Try it out we'll let you leave anytime. You might like it :)
Wir sind ein chilliger gaming server wir zocken zb. R6s,Gta,Payday,for honor usw.
A fun server to catch,trade,auction,and battle pokemon. Join us and be part of our fun little community.
Hi! We are a growing community with 180+ members and we are thankful we have gotten this far. It would be amazing if more people would join!

~Make sure to read the rules
~Have fun
if you have any questions feel free to dm the admins
-Do you want to be the cool kid at school that always has a lot of friends? 📕
- Do you want a better life for your self 💪
- Join ClientSide. 💺
Join us and take the pledge! 🙈
This server is all about:
Having fun
Hanging Out
And using bot commands.
Hello! Here we are all clowns... We host events every so often mostly bot games like mafia and uno. Thank you for reading!
Hello all, I am a growing Youtuber (BorkPlayz) and I've created this server to communicate with any of my viewers/fans and anyone who has interest in the Roblox/Minecraft community. You can join to make new friends in case you get lonely,bored or need a buddy...i am also personally here and others are too. You're welcomed to join the fun and interact with new people!!!

My Youtube Channel-

Also...server is brand new under beta and construction, suggestions are welcomed :)
The world of Gaia is in imminent danger. You must choose a side, and thus, the fate of the world. What will you Choose? Will you hunt or be hunted?
Всем привет people! У меня хорошая новость, на сервере проведётся розыгрышь авп гадюка (1-е место авп, 2-е место Fenix) Всё что нежно это актив на сервере и набрать 300 участников,так что приглашайте друзей и общайтесь в чатах.
Welcome to The Wolf Pack!! A place where people can make friends, interact with playful bots, find dank memes and have fun!!!

This server includes:

• Kind and helpful Staff
• Many channels hosting a variety of topics
• Events
• Giveaways
• 13+ and 18+ Welcome community
• Partnerships
• Drama Free Zone
• Discrimination Free Zone
• Self Roles
• Role Play channels
• Self Promotion Twitch/Youtube etc.
• Hundreds of EPIC emotes!
• and much more!!
• Invite your friends and join the Pack family!
Infinite Esports
Founded in January of 2020. Join us as we are expanding and taking on our new endeavors. We are the home of Team Infinite. We are looking to build up our community both casually and professionally. Click below to engage within our community and see more of what we have in store at Team Infinite!
☕️PokéCafé is a server dedicated for those who enjoy playing Pokécord, chilling, and eating a cookie 🍪. We also have many bots to use from, such as Mudae, music bots and more! We are an active server and look forward to sharing warm moments with you!❤️

we currently have over 200+ members and 15 nitro boosts :)

Come join us!
Come join our discord server!🎉

We have:
- Invite Rewards 🤑
- Giveaways 🎁
- YouTuber Role + An Area to Promote Your Videos 🎬🎥
- NSFW Channels for 18+ (Must Vertify Age) 😏
- We are also a growing community and need your help!
Server discord untuk para pemain game apa saja terutama steam
Event discord selalu ada, dengan hadiah yg menarik
yuk gabung bersama keluarga kami
have fun and enjoy with us
We are a gaming community and we even have our own lounge so that everyone can meet new people! This communtiy was built from my fan base now its growing!

Alot of bots

Voice Channels for all gamers & non gamers

🙅‍ Make new friends 🙋‍‍

Active staff

We even have our own music channel!

memes & even selfies