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Are you a kid now? Are you a squid now? If not, then hippity hoppity, get off my property. Otherwise, come join us for some squid game. We have:
- Pingable roles for on-demand matchmaking (including League, Salmon Run, Private Battles, and Splatoon 1)
- Vanity roles with colors based on weapon class
- Players of all skill levels, from level 10 to 110
- Dedicated channels for shitposting, art, squideos, venting, and music sharing
- Multiple thinking squid emojis
- NSFW/18+ exclusive chat
Get in here, squiggers!
Gehenna Paradise is a server that follows a streamer known as Lustrous. It is geared towards providing a good environment to chat about Anime and Gaming! We also have sections centered around Memes, Music, Cosplay, Art, and we even have a 18+ Section! We’ve got Pokécord and are Pokécord friendly if you are interested in that.

We have a wide range of emotes by the artists known as paxiti and afrobull plus many more. There’s also a section that has professional to semi-professional artist for you to commission!
Virtual Escape™️ is a Discord community full of things to do and new friends to meet, we’re a growing community looking for new people to meet and hopefully make long lasting relationships with. We like our members to be treated like they have the same influence on each other just as much as everyone else in the server to create a nice sense of equality and aesthetic to the server. Please do consider joining!
🎉 gamePLAY - tai lietuvos žaidėjų ir transliuotojų bendruomenė. Serveryje vyksta dažni #konkursai. Taip pat yra atskiras konkursų kanalas - #dovanos, išskirtiniams nariams. Automatinė rolių prisiskyrimo sistema (CS:GO, PUBG, LoL).

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This is a server for just hangin around and havin fun. We have many categories that go from fandoms to fashion and art.
We hope you join and have fun as well as grow our server
Want a chill discord server to hangout in? You can join the Expert Gang server!
What can you expect on our server?

We are a community and gaming based server! We do giveaways, give Nitro to our most active members, we have fun bots, and you can advertise!

What's the good of our server?
It's a place you can hang out if you're bored, it's a good way to make new friends, and there's a ranking up system to flex on everyone else!
A fun active server to hang out at with some nice friendly people, active staff members and lots of bots to have fun with
Hi! I'm Inci and I'd like to welcome you to my server, World of Light ! Here you can chat, share artwork and role play! Welcome to this World of Light, welcome to Smash Ultimate!
Wenn du Geld in GTA5 benötigst bist du hier richtig. ✔️
Unsere Angebote:

- 2,000,000 GTA5 Dollar 💵 (10€)
- 5,000,000 GTA5 Dollar 💰 (20€)

Gezahlt wird mit PaySafe im #customer-support Kanal

-Many Giveaways (including $10 NITRO and robux)
- Cool Bots
-Great staff and members
-100+ Members (Must Verify)

What are you waiting for, come join us!
Our server is intended for Gamer's and Anime/Manga lovers or anyone who just want to chillax. And we have a leveling and currency system here, the money you earn can be use to buy cool roles.We only have a few members right now, but I assure y'all this will be active and a good place to hangout. So I hope you take a look in our server and hopefully stay. And help us make this active and very wholesome server :)
A place for all Smash Bros. Fans alike! Biweekly tournaments, friendly members, a custom bot in the works that gets constant updates, and an expanding roster of emotes to use! All skill levels welcome here!
Streamers: ✔
Gamers: ✔
Memes: ✔
Reglas: ✔
Comunidad activa: ✔
Roles: ✔
Alianzas y mini alianzas: ✔
Since 1997, TSF has brought players with good attitudes together. We play numerous multiplayer games (PC or cross-platform) and you can create a channel for any game.

Whether you're looking for your next competitive group, are strictly casual, or are somewhere in between, TSF welcomes you to our server, whether you want to game for the next 20 minutes, or the next 20 years!
The Void is a new server dedicated to all things gaming.

Stop by and have a chat, watch some streams, find some people to game with and just have some fun.
We also have a game tracking bot where people can see what the most played game is or who the most active gamers are on the server.
This Server Is A Small Little Community For Gamers To Come And Relax Together. We Can Talk About Our Favourite Games, Or Talk About Our Ideas For Fangames. There Isn't Much To Say, And I'm Feeling Lazy. So, Why Not Come Join Us In Our Gamer Home?
This is a child friendly pokemon sword and shield(and other pokemon games) discord it would be appreciated if you will join. Thank you! We are an growing discord! is a social Q&A platform that curates the latest and hottest questions of all topics asked by users like you. Discuss the topics and interests you love, such as gaming, tech, sports, science, news, and endless more.
This is a new community discord server for gaming, music, socializing, shitposting, and talking trash. There aren't many rules but the ones we have must be followed. Keep in mind that this server is new and is a work in progress, so joining and supporting the server would be very much appreciated, as server like this usually dont gain a lot of traction for a little while. But if you stick with us im sure you could find yourself having fun along the way!