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Server (von 48548) auf 1-24
Bienvenue sur le Bronx'Ze Club !

Notre serveur regroupe une petite communauté de joueurs jouant a différents jeux vidéos.
Le serveur est parfaitement autonome grâce à la disposition de rôles automatique ! (Pour cela il faudra accepter le règlement du serveur)
La modération est très actif en cas de problèmes nous sommes à votre disposition.
Différents salons sont à disposition pour parler de tout ou de rien selon votre humeur ^^

Nous te souhaitons la bienvenue sur notre serveur ! ^^
Remedium is a place where you know you always have someone to talk to! Whether you want to chat, post memes, or vent, this server is the place for you. This is an 18+ server aimed at socializing and making friends. *We have an active random giveaway right now for a chance to win one month of nitro! Giveaway ends Sunday*
Welcome, to the Clan Killas®: Ver. 3.0™ Online Gaming Community!

“We’re a multi-game and platform Community of Gamers, by Gamers and For Gamers! We’ve been Established since 2003, and are looking to open our Community for other like-minded Gamers and Friends who share a common interest of having fun and
‘communicating’ with each other in a drama-Free environment.”

Join Us, or just be a part of our Community of, Gamers!
Wir sind der Multigaming Clan KSK-Germany since 2010. Wir suchen immer Member ab 21+ Jahren die aktiv Spielen und Discord nutzen. HP: | Discord:
✔️ Occasional Money Drops (PC ONLY)
✔️FULL Recovery Packages (cheap)
✔️Recovery Giveaways
✔️Reliable Support
✔️100% Safe Menu Used
Fast GTA$ Modding Server, we are all like minded people helping in the fight against shark cards. Heres what you can find below:

-Cheap, Safe GTA5 Recovery Service's
-Pre modded Rockstar and Steam Accounts
-Lot's of Weekly Giveaways.
-Invite schemes for free Recovery Demo's

Hi! We Need A User's And Players To Join This Server We Do Have Cs Servers And We Hire Admins If You Wanna Join Our Community Come Join Now!
Looking for a place to afk and play your games? Then welcome to AFK Resort!
This server is mainly focused on gaming, anime, social and much more.

•League of legends
•Apex legends
•Supercell mobile games: Clash of clans and Clash Royale.
•OSRS Old School Runescape


★Drama free community.
★Gaming Roles.
★Personality Roles.
★65 Color Roles.
★Earn invite role rewards.
★Bot level role rewards.
★Twitch live notification Bot
★Advertise your game guild/clan
★Friendly people.
★Game Bots: Pokecord, SlotBot, Uno, etc.
★Voice channel.
★Gaming voice channel.
★Music voice channel.


We hope you join and enjoy your stay, and if you do then refer to a friend!f you do then refer to a friend!
We run Cash Prize Esport Tournaments for Fortnite and Rocket League across the World. Free Entry and Weekly Giveaways. Join Up Now!
Hello! This server is owned by Milo Murphy and BansaheGT! A fun and cool server! We do bankrob events in other servers with rich targets to get mega rich! Here’s a list what we have:
-Giveaways! 🤩
-Heists event in other discord servers with fair share! 💰
-Robbing and bankrobbing is disabled in our server! 🥳
-Dank memer bot, our main bot! 🐸
-Non toxic 🚫
-Friendship for everyone! 🤝👬
-Meet cool and awesome people!😎
-Event games! ⚽️
And much more stuff!
Search someone for play or just talk? Join in the community and meet new people!
We are open for everyone who wanna have fun!
This is a small, friendly server meant to be full of positivity. We welcome all walks of lives here, and people who like all kinds of games!

Come join us to meet a close a community of gamers!
Our discord is here to bring gamers who want to enjoy playing online together.

We hold monthly tournaments for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart as well as weekly meetups/casuals.

we do ask that you are willing to voice chat.
we all play a wide range of games and are active so you won't have any problem finding a game to play.
look forward to meeting some new faces!

We giveaway accounts everyday..... Origin games/accounts and other more, you just need to join the giveaway by reacting the emoji in the giveaway channel section! Join it plus we got account generator and all of us are friendly!!!!
Hey our server is about Gaming and chill out with friends. But you can also find some friends on our discord server. We are a VRChat gang too and every one is welcome on the server. We are specified on Gaming, Chill, Anime, VRChat, Designing and more.
Herzlich Willkommen, Neuling!

Dies ist der Server "Nachtschattenpalast"!

Wir sind eine kleine Community, die sich für Anime & Gaming (& vieles mehr) interessiert und freuen uns dich hier begrüßen zu dürfen!
Welcome to Sakura

We are a dedicated Nintendo Switch community founded in March 2020. The intent for our server is to gather together all Switch players to socialise and game all in a single place! Our preferred server language is English and age preference is 18 and above please. We do not condone disrespectful nor prejudice behaviour. We take them very seriously so please refrain from such actions. We will try our very best to ensure you have a great time here!