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Left Unity Gaming is a non-partisan meeting space for anyone left-wing who enjoys gaming to find other likeminded people to share a hobby and fun times with.
General server, come talk about whatever, rules are pretty loose.
Do you like roleplay?
Do you like halo?
Do you like Red vs Blue? Then this is the server for you. You can rp as a Freelancer, Sim trooper, Sanghelli, and Mercs and innies in our server and explore the areas!
Dieser Server ist dazu da nette Leute kennenzulernen & zu zocken.
Rollen werden hier random verteielt.
Wir würden uns freuen wenn du drauf kommst:)
Este servidor é focado no IMVU ^^ venha fazer parte dessa familia ^^
This is CODEdragon's Community server. Whether you're a fan of CODEdragon Cal or not, we offer a wide selection of activities and channels that are waiting for you.

The goal of this server is to connect people together and to make new friends here while having fun and making great, unforgettable memories! This isn't just CODEdragon's server but it's OUR server.

Need to advertise something? We've got you covered! Anyone can advertise almost anything on the server without any requirements, making it more convenient for you!

Need NSFW access? We've got you covered too! Please only use the NSFW channel if you are 18 or over. Discord will warn you about NSFW content as you click it.

Want to partner up? Well guess what? We've got you covered on that too! (what do we not cover?) You must look in #partnership-info as you join. Becoming a partner will gain you a cool role and your own text channel

There is more things that we have in the server, but you need to find out for yourself, so what are you waiting for? Come and say hello! Everyone is welcome!

A weeb Owner
A Noob staff
Friendly active community
Ricardo memes
Plays any games mostly(Warframe-League of legends )
A Meme community
A nice place to chill and to talk with the wonderful community
what do you want more?
Community for many different games focusing on Guns of Boom along with channels for many other games. We are a non-specific community offering guidance to clan searching and gaming advice. Feel free to hop in and join the fun!
Minecraft factions server with active and engaging staff and community.
A Community for Viscera Cleanup Detail to discuss and play with one another to clean up the galaxies accidents.
-Talk to the Developers
-Rank up like in the game
-Find people to play with
-Bot to choose maps
Come talk to us in Viscera Cleanup Detail Discord
The Union, UIS or the Union of Intergalactic States is a chill, faction-turned-public gaming clan that started out two years ago as an alliance of smaller factions. Since then, we've branched out into Space Engineers, and you get to join our merry caliphate! Yeah, that's right... We're kinda a caliphate, now. Allahu akbar?

Here, we have some simple, relaxed rules, a tonne of rare emotes and an explosive cadre of the best fighters around, from all over the Middle East (and the world)! It's the perfect place for you and your crew to sit down, fight or shitpost! Join us today, and you can blow up alongside some of our most esteemed guests, like Jake, our resident source of blame when things go wrong; Red, our least favourite streamer; or Deb, our friendly, neighbourhood jihadi who sucks at piloting space ships. What are you waiting for? Don't sit around! Join the UIS Caliphate today!
topluluk , türk , sohbet , tanışma arkadaşlık edebilirsiniz %100 güvenilir , herkese ücretsiz discord sunucumuz
iyi günler :)
🎮°•°•Welcome to WLW Gaymer's Arcade!•°•°🎮
°•We are safe environment for wlw to meet other gaymers! Make friends! Talk about your favorite videogames! Find new videogames to play!! All while being in a safe community with other wlw!•°
We offer:
°•an ever growing list of specific game chats!
°•many fun bots to play with like pokecord, dank memer, yui and tatsumaki!
°•an Interview system that requires photo verification to prevent raids, cishets, and men!!
°•a great team of staff who's willing to help you, and willing to grow as a team!
°•reaction roles that include specific games, consoles, genres, and all of your hobbies!!
°•color roles!!
°•a venting channel so you can let off some steam!

What are you waiting for? Come spawn into our server for loads of fun and friends!!

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask the staff!!
Serveris skirtas lietuvos auditorijai, kuri žaidžia arba transliuoja kaip žaidžia įvairius žaidimus ir ne tik. Serveryje yra lygių sistema, daug konkursų, o dar daugiau pamatysi užsukęs į serverį. Šiuo metu turime ~ 1,900 narių!
Serverio pakvietimo nuoroda:

Server for Lithuanian audience who play games or stream them. Levels award, giveaways and more is waiting for you. Currently we have ~ 1,900 members!


Tag'ai: Lietuva Discord, Lietuvos Discord, Lietuviskas Discord, Lietuviškas Discord, Lietuviski Discord, Lietuviški Discord, Lithuania Discord, Lithuanian Discord.
MetriX e-Sports is a newly founded growing clan with a large variety of games and a non toxic community. We feature a huge amount of channels for you to talk in about games that are only talked about in those channels! Also, if your looking for a certain game and you can't even find it here then be sure to recommend it to us in the #•》request-games channel! We are together, we are MetriX.
Welcome to bad!
We are a small community from all over the world.
Here we can meet people from all over the world, talk about things we like and maybe find love ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Here in this server we like gaming, chatting, memes and weeb shit like anime and other things. The admins on this server is almost online 24/7.
Hey there! If you’re looking for a gaming server, look no further. We like all games, from CS:GO to Splatoon. We like memes as well, so if you’re still looking for a server, why not join this one
Welcome to The Sand Casino! The #1 Runescape Gambling and Chest Opening Discord!
`All in all were a chill server. If your looking to make friends or just wanna hang out, your welcome here. We have amazing community with staff that are always ready to help. Theres always 20 ppl online. Come and check us out! We would love to have you! Everyone is equal here.`
💝 `Very nice, mature but not boring members`
😎 `Chill Staff + Looking for more!` 😎
🎮 `Any game topics!` 🎮
📰 `Any politics topics!` 📰
✈ `Growing community` ✈
💜 `Hangout with everyone` 💜
`Memes` 😉 👍
`NSFW` 🍆 😉
😴 `Late-Night Gaming` 😴
😄 `advertising channel` 😄
🔊 `gaming chat channels and general chat` 🔊
👍 `And way more on the way!`
🔗 🔗

🎮 Save The World Community 🎮
STWC is a 12+ gaming focused server aimed at those who want to have fun, make new friends, and enjoy Discord!
🔞We encourage all ages to join, as we are a strict SFW server 💎
We offer such things as:
😁⇴ A friendly, caring, and active community!☺
🤖⇴ A wide variety of bots to make your experiences fun🚀
💱 trading 💱
🚕 Taxi's 🚕
:💋Chat/Music/Lots of Fun Events(with many prizes) 🏆
🎉 ⇴Giveaways💪
😂⇴ Memes, Photos, and so so so much more!✨
Vi er her for at have det sjovt og for at spræde budskabet om, at vi også ønsker, at hvade det sjovt sammen med dig! :D

Gamer fælleskab, hvor mange af os har interesse i Minecraft og alt det som ligger bagved det, at drive minecraft server.
Men mange af vores medlemmer, er Gamers, Uddannet IT folk, unge og gamle. Alt i alt, så er vores fælleskab, meget stærkt og godt støbt, af danske gamers.

Kom og være med!