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Liam_ Liam_
Great community! :)
This server is highly active and full of nice people that have a lot of insight in astrology. It's very easy to learn astrology here, specially since everyone's happy to talk to you. I cannot think of anything worth critisizing about this server.
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foreseeing pip foreseeing pip
steph and sag are meanies :c
bullies invaded astrology lounge, like mongols invaded rome. they destroyed everyone's feelings, and then when we had some hope left- the owners converted to bully-ism. steph and sag are meanies. 2 stars bc everyone else was anti-bully-ism.
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thepcwiz101 thepcwiz101
Great community of people interested in astrology and other occult subjects.
I am a member and no matter what part of day it is i can find people to talk to. Everyone is nice, the rules are fair, mods don't abuse their power, and when people do act up the mods deal with it swiftly. I look forward to being in this server for years to come.
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Percifrax Percifrax
A wonderful and safe learning community
The Astrology Lounge is by far my favorite Discord server. Rather than just being a strictly educational server, this place takes that extra step to form a warm and accepting community of astrologers of all levels who have come together to make new friends and support each other in learning about astrology. I'm very on-and-off in talking there because of real life, but every time I chat there, I'm always greeted with warm welcomes and fun and inclusive conversation. The server has an active team of staff members who are very involved with the community, close with the members, and they really go out of their way to handle the chat's (very rare) issues smoothly, efficiently, and confidentially. No matter how experienced with astrology you are, I highly recommend this server if you're interested in meeting other people who are interested in astrology.
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Arkaquiavel Arkaquiavel
The Lounge lives up to its Name
From my experience, I could say it is a friendly astrology server open to anyone and call it a day, but that's about as generic and reducing as it can get; as such, let's get further into it:

Good for some Astro-Learning
- It's a good place to learn the basics of modern western astrology and share new information with other beginners. If you're fortunate, you may find someone more experienced with it every now and then who can give you an extra hand at learning or a good read, whichever you seek. Unfortunately there aren't many people far advanced into astrology in the server, but that's subject to change over time (specially if you're knowledgeable and decide to join and give your contribute).

- If you think it stops there, you're mistaken. Other forms of astrology are also featured (emphasis on traditional, Vedic and Human Design). There aren't as many people representing these, but there are some skilled people. As such, feel free to either contribute with your knowledge in these fields or explore new possibilities! Astrology isn't a box; it's an entire world, and you may figure that out in this server.

We're Open to what's Out There
- In addition to this, Astrology Lounge also has its very significant share of users of other means of divination (tarot for example), as well as people who dare to research what's mostly hidden and less spoken (with due depth, at least) in the modern world. Expect to meet people with an "occultist" role who are up to interesting conversations on the general functioning of the universe, something I always take joy to participate in.

Clean and Shiny
- If you ever see a conversation going bad - mind you, drama is usually rare in this Lounge - then feel free to call a moderator to end it all. Moderators are great at doing their job in this server, and even then they're no cold, distant figure in the sky enjoying their status; they're rather friendly, approachable, and close to the people who choose to be part of the Lounge.

Many active Joyful Good Fellows
- At last, but never the least. This server constantly has friendly people available to chat, or even to help you out with something you need. Feel free to forge new internet friendships, to bond over discussions about astrology or whatever else, or even to just vent. That's right, there is a venting channel, where you may find members of the server trying to lend you a hand in their own way: some by patting your back and giving digital hugs, some by trying to get you to solve your own problems and look at things in a different way (which is more my style, to be fair).

With all that said, you can see why I find this server quite an interesting place to chill and relax however I feel like. It certainly lives up to its name as an astrology server. More importantly than that, however: it's up to its name as a Lounge aswell.
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Catfish Catfish
Hocus-pocus Kindergarten
After studying this environment for a few days I've reached the conclusion that it's a place where everyone talks about colored space pebbles and fartstones. Exactly what I needed for my thesis on schizophrenia!
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Alancia Alancia
Nice Server
A great place where you can learn about Astrology, have fun, chat with people at the same time! I recommend it, and the staff are really nice.
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Mari Mari
Love it!!
Best astrology server on discord, hands down. Community is great and Sagcorn is awesome :D
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halie halie
You can learn so much in this server! The community is so friendly! Everyone respects the rules and each other! I’ve joined the server for 6 months already and all the community knows me and is so friendly. I can talk to them about anything and will be super supportive and give great advice! You can learn absolutely so much about astrology, before this I was taught by my friend who just gave me cherry picks of each signs, until i joined the server and I absolutely love this server, easy to learn, stress free.
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