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sangwoahs house

Sangwoah's house is a friendly server where you can meet new friends and hangout.

It is pretty laid back and vibey, so no need to be shy when you join, hehe we wont bite lol XD. This server has strict rules on homophobia and slurs, so be warned you may be banned if you say these words.

*ps cute boys pls join our server*

We offer:
- plenty of voice channels and chats for you to explore.
- LGBTQ+ friendly,
- a Minecraft server to play together on <333
- active bots and members
- gaming and movie nights hehe
- funny and cute emotes
- no racism or homophobia!! NOO RACIAL OR OFFENSIVE SLURS AT ALL, you will be banned if you dont follow the rules
- laid back and swear words allowed as long as you don't offend anyone

YAY pls join our server we need more people hehe thanksss <33
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peah peah
grrr such a swag server
I am the owner and these are my honest words. <3333 rawr such a cool server with the coolest people :) yes there are sexy milfs who play roblox in this server <33 and what about it
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