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Pulse RP

We are a new server with serious roleplay and many custom features. This server is an idea that has been burning in the back of the developer's mind since he started playing FiveM. Now, after being part of several servers, he feels that he can take the best elements and combine them into something that is both unique and enjoyable. He understands the frustrations and tribulations that new players go through and strives to make a server that everyone can enjoy. We have a like-minded team of committed people that like to take input from the community in order to create the most enjoyable experience possible.

We are a friendly and helpful community with active admins that are willing to help and answer any questions or concerns. There is a huge range of both legal and illegal activities to keep you occupied while building the storyline of your character. We are currently recruiting for all types of job positions and we would love the opportunity to meet you in the city!

- Casino
- Character Select
- Racing Script
- 400+ Imported Cars with Custom Handling
- Custom Clothing & Hair
- Custom Dealership
- Tuner Chip and NOS
- Pacific Standard
- Jewelry Store
- Drug Territories and effects
- Cow Milking
- Oxy Runs and USB drugs

Whitelisted Jobs:
- Taxi
- Mechanic
- Police
- Car Dealer (with beautiful custom beach dealership)
- Nightclub (with custom interior)

This is only a sample of our features so jump into the city to see more!
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