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Masc Men

If you are looking for a FTM/TRANSMEN ONLY discord server that offers kindness, advice, support, and much more then this is for you. Masc Men is a discord server made up of many different personalities, it gives young trans men that are ages 18+, a chance to talk to someone who's been through what you are going through and help you along this hard journey as well as being an emotional support for finding and forming a great bond and friendship.

We do not accept male-to-female, non-binary, or allies.
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Hisoka Shinagawa Hisoka Shinagawa
Fantastic New Family
I joined mass men 5 weeks ago and when I joined I thought it was just going to be some trans guys talking here and there but no real connections. I thought I would leave soon and move on without being remembered, but what I saw and experienced is people who are truly cared, helped, and just was there for me when I needed advice, someone to hang out with and play games, or just to be super weird with. These guys are my new second family that understand what I'm going through and I wouldn't recommend you going anywhere but here. This is a truly amazing place to make some new and awesome friends, I highly recommend it.
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