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Ruby Red Minecraft Servers

☞ looking to join a discord server that has a bedrock and java minecraft server? ☜


look no further!

we have...

¤ active and fun staff

¤ minecraft worlds

¤ minigames and events!

¤ positive vibes and chaos

¤ voice channels


come join today!!

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nova nova
very cool and nice server
Yes very cool with cool people. There are people who know how to play minecraft so that's good. The mini games are the best because I have an excuse to kill people. 10/10 would recommend, would come again. Please come join, you wont regret it. Also what's the deal with airline food?
Vor 135 Tagen
`J3lly` `J3lly`
Good Vibes
I love the people on it. You can get lots of help for stuff. The admins are very cool and easy to get along with people. The minigames are amazing for new people cause you can get materials and loot from minigames! I love the people overall on this server! ❤️💞💕
Vor 136 Tagen
PancakesAreAlmostasGoodAsWaffles PancakesAreAlmostasGoodAsWaffles
Amazing 10000/10
Love love love wonderful people all around 2009999/10 hehe the conversations are fun and people are nice love love love it
Vor 141 Tagen