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Satellite Farm

Introducing, Satellite Farm! The Official Space Program of Bot Farm Corp.!

⟁ Dank Memer Premium (Fast Cooldowns!)
⟁ Active Pokecord spawn
⟁ Active Dank Memer trading channels
⟁ Weekly **Nitro** Contests/Competitions
⟁ 10+ Daily Dank Giveaways/Events/Heists
⟁ Heist / Rob Disabled (Join a Heist Event)
⟁ Growing list of Heist/Rob server links
⟁ Active Community chat in discord.gg/dank
⟁ Cool Satellites

Join now!
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quickツ quickツ
Banning me...
Banning me on the main server discord.gg/dank for no reason. I got banned for alt... Even tho I didn't have an alt. It was the same # as my account but they ignored it.
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