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Sounds gay, I'm in
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Sounds gay, I'm in

Welcome to 'sounds gay, i'm in'! We are a new LGBT server open to any LGBT people aged 16+. Primarily for trans people of any denomination, but open to all LGBT people. Drop by to chat, make friends, discuss topics, share your hobbies, and more.

-Emoji react roles, with more to come.
-Activities channel
-A grand hall of fame
-Selfie channel
-NSFW channels for 18+
Sheepy bot will cater to your needs!
-role level/reward system
- fun activities
-shop to spend your lemons
-NSFW bot functions

Come and help grow our community!
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ZombiesAndTiaras ZombiesAndTiaras
Safe and welcoming!
Want a safe space to be LGBT+? Want to be heard, involve yourself with like-minded people, show off your artwork, your poetry, and your pets? Want to laugh at silly jokes, share some memes, and discuss gaming? This is the server for you, and trust me, it has far more on offer.

This 16+ server is a safe, and positive space, with questions of the day to ponder, selfies corner to show off that new look, and a venting section when you need to just get it all off your shoulders, and much, much more. Most of all, you're free to be who you are with no judgement, no stress, and no drama. Check it out!
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