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Trans Creative

Trans creative is a Discord server primarily for creative trans and non-binary people - though everyone is welcome to join!

The server is semi small right now, so it's a very chilled out environment to post and discuss anything from knitting to software development.

We currently have a few general discussion channels and another group of channels dedicated to specific topics including art, writing and programming to name a few - we want the server to evolve so these channels will expand to meet the needs of the userbase.

If you want to share your creative projects or just get inspiration from others, feel free to join!

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RainyWolves RainyWolves
Lovely place!
This server is a really nice chill place for creative types to share and make friends!
Vor 128 Tagen
aspen aspen
Small but friendly
I have really enjoyed my time in this server so far, the members have all been very friendly and welcoming.
Vor 170 Tagen