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Chess Club Consortium
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Chess Club Consortium

A server dedicated to curing boredom and connecting people via common interest. Those interests can include: Gaming (Roblox, Minecraft, etc.), music, funny videos and memes, Youtube/Twitch, art, and more.

Notable Text Channels:
⦾ Giveaways

⦾ Self Promotion
⦾ Videos
⦾ Music
⦾ Art

⦾ One Word Story
⦾ Bot Spam (spam and use bot commands with many bots)
⦾ Userphone (yggdrasil)
also the home to dukdolan's youtube community ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKTu-BpwdLY4xM3pGJnhS8g )
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wahtyoutalkinabout wahtyoutalkinabout
very epicccc
i am a yt that is staying in this server. the server owner takes care of the people staying inside his server. it is very well organised and no one swears like it is a Christian server. the only problem i face is not a lot of people talk/ is active in the server and if there is more people in the server then the server would be better.
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DukDolan DukDolan
It has potential
Everything about this server from the bots, to the channel organization is good, it's easy to navigate, things are clearly labeled and set up properly.

The only thing that could be improved on would be the activeness of this server, if more people joined though this wouldn't be much of a problem.
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