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Rustbuddies Official Discord Server

A toxic free Rust community that is moderated 24/7. We pride our self's on good Admin Support and Lag Free Servers

The current servers that we own:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Quad | IP:
➥RustBuddies | 2x Vanilla | Duo | IP:
➥RustBuddies | US MAIN | IP:
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GoodGuyMew GoodGuyMew
Good Server
I have known all the owners and the admins for a while now and they are probably the most coolest people i have met on discord joining the server will help a lot i have been in the server since day 1 and i can say you are going to have a good time in this server all the people are nice and respectful and if you have any problems the server mods will help you so please consider joining the server. :)
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