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Galaxy Reality

Welcome to a chill LGBT+ server in the world! Where everything is sweet and nice to everyone. The only requirement u need to be in here,is that u need to be 13 years or older. We love you to join us and join the squad and spread some cheer or love or happiness as we’re full of it. And best of all,we have it all the time 24-7 to help you with ur dyshopria,depression,and other sad things that you wanna talk about. So come and join the fun today! We have over 200 members and we’re very active too!

Now with boosting!

-Drama Free
+50 colors!
-3 music bots!
-Nice staff members
-Vent Center
-LGBT Support
-Therapy Channel
-Positive Stories
-Sweet Rewards
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CryptoLocker CryptoLocker
I feel very welcomed in this server, I can talk about my problems about people who care, and it makes me feel wanted in this world, and not to lose hope yet. This is a really good server, and we need more servers like this one.
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Awesome server!
I do love this server for what it has! Awesome selection of roles and colors to choose from, and there is a lot of text channels to talk in too! Plus, there isn't any drama allowed in there either. This is a very awesome server there, and I am proud to be one of the owners of it.
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Ruriko-chan Ruriko-chan
A pretty good server!
Everyone is nice and caring. It also give me a chance to practice my English and to discover who I am.
WaterStarColour WaterStarColour
Antwort eines Administrators
Glad to help u out!
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