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The Evil Bandits
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The Evil Bandits

Welcome! We are a Roblox-based development group with loads of popular games with thousand of visits! We also have fun a Roblox coding tutorials to make your very own working game! Don’t worry, if you're not interested in Roblox we have active chats with active members! Great people to talk with and make loads of real friends! All channels are packed with lots of fun (including fun bots)! We have a big and fast growing community. We also have invite for **ROBUX**!

1. We are a friendly and non-toxic community ✅
2. Big and fast growing community ✅
3. We have popular Roblox games under our name ✅
4. Fun gamenights and giveaways (sometimes **ROBUX**) ✅
5. Active community ✅
6. Active and friendly staff ✅
7. Fun bots and bots channels to mess around with fun bot commands! ✅
8. Owner is an owner of a old disabled Discord server with over 1K members! ✅
9. The owner is actually active unlike others ✅
10. Cool emotes! ✅
11. A great place for you! What are you waiting for? Join now! ✅
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twentygayteen twentygayteen
Really fun discord server
Everyone in the server seems really friendly. There are a variety of different channels which is pretty cool. 5/5 (:
Vor 29 Tage
RyanAchievedTheGreatestHigh RyanAchievedTheGreatestHigh
Its a nice server where its also actives with people,they do giveaways to help people aswell. Honestly,i would definitely prefer being in this than another.
Vor 54 Tage
yologo yologo
This group is really good
Ive just joined this group and they have treated me well
They also do giveaways wich will help others if they have no robux
Vor 54 Tage
josh_coconut josh_coconut
The Evil Bandits is always are a very fun group to chat with and play games with them , and overall the group is very nice.
Vor 54 Tage