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The Silver Star
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The Silver Star

The Silver Star is your average community server, with pretty chilled out rules and nice people. Pretty much the only way to get banned here is purposefully being a dick, otherwise you're welcome on the server. The server is up since the end of 2019, and since then it has grown quite a lot while the server became pretty active overtime. So what do we usually talk about? Well various things, as this isn't really a community of any sort of theme, but there are some interests shared by a lot of people on the server, you'll often encounter conversations about Geometry Dash, probably the most popular game on the server, we also often have talks about anime, and we sometimes talk about languages on the international channel.
We have:
-A variety of different channels
-Useful bots
-Fuckton of interesting people
-Over 20 self-asignable roles
-Question of The Day
-Hot ass emotes
and much more
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1z2 1z2
Very gud serveur pls join
Admins are fun, qotd is cool, we play gd and most importantly didji got banned
Vor 158 Tagen
富永哲Satoshi 富永哲Satoshi
Epic server, literally my favorite. I totally recommend it to anyone.

T. Satoshi (admin)
Vor 169 Tagen