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We have channels to trade your CS:GO Skins.

We offer many simple ways to features, like:

┋๑˚🌸 ・ CS:GO Trading Services!
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Different channels for different server categories.
┋๑˚🌸 ・ Giveaways
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Partnerships!
┋๑˚🌸 ・ Active community with helpful staff!
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Self Promotion
┋๑˚🌸 ・ Over 30 Self Assignable Roles
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Cool Boosting Perks

Trade with 1000s of Members Today.

So Come Join and Enjoy
—𒀖 Our links:
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Bewertungen und Rezensionen

5 Rezensionen
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Gacha Loli ♥ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Gacha Loli ♥
I dont really like it
As far as I can tell its not the most active... and it might just be me but I have never seen a trade go on?
JuJu JuJu
Antwort eines Administrators
Thanks for your review I hope I can Improve the Server.
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Baba Yetu Baba Yetu
Good server
fun server with a growing community for cs trading I get offers from it so it's decent
JuJu JuJu
Antwort eines Administrators
Thanks a lot for review we try making the server as best as we could
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Marcus J Marcus J
copy paste
It started with them copying my text here on disboard but they changed and then 2 days later this server have copy pasted a lot of my text i have on my server example: "giveaways" "reaction-roles" the text in the channel are a full copy from my discord! This is just unrespectful....
JuJu JuJu
Antwort eines Administrators
Sorry For The Inconvenience we have changed them :) it was my fault I agree I should have not done it in the first place. Thanks for the review
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FallenTenth FallenTenth
Csgo Server
I really like this server and has really friendly members and i like this server very much :)
JuJu JuJu
Antwort eines Administrators
Thanks a lot for the review we try to make the server the best we can :) . Glad you liked it
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