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Frozen Academy
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Frozen Academy

Join a Roleplay community that actually cares. Make friends & run through a roleplay without issues. We have Waifu bot & Music bot as well. This will be a semi literate to literate chat. Some effort will need to be applied. 16 + server. Roleplay so far has been great we are very active! So come join!

This roleplay will take place in the city of Windhelm a city that has approximately 250,000 residents. This city is unique like any other it is said that this is the city where it snows year round for unexplained reasons. Some of the people believe that long ago an ice queen cursed this land so that it would snow year round to make people deal with the bitter cold. Not to say that all seasons do not exist in this roleplay, because they most certainly do. Just the weather is said to change rapidly here from hot to cold in almost an instant. This is a modern setting so the timeline or year would be 2019.
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