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ARCHIVED - 2020 Election Hub

ARCHIVED - 2020 Election Hub

Welcome to the 2020 Election Hub! We are a BRAND NEW political server (founded on August 18, 2019) and are looking forward to meeting new people and talking about all the new political current events. We offer roles for every current Presidential candidate and colored roles! With chats ranging from politics to bot chats, there's no boredom at the 2020 Election Hub. Stop on by!
Link: https://discord.gg/s9xQn4r
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SpookyHonolua SpookyHonolua
Needs Improving
Needs alotta improvement, they do not even have a partner message, the owner is wayyy to inactive, and they send ads in CSS just because that is regular stuff with partners, it was designed to have no CSS in the partnership messages
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