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FurryChat is tight-knit, group of furs to hang out regardless of their species! We are an open, accepting community and we encourage everyone to be themselves.
We strive to be a community that is enjoyable for everyone: from artists, to gamers, to those who just want to chill and make new friends. ❤❤
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Sunkai Sunkai
Great For Furrys
they were friendly and welcoming when i joined and me with wjatever i asked. staff are kind and understanding they dont ban or warn you. just talk to you.
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SpOwOky Mr.UwU SpOwOky Mr.UwU
One of my Favorite Servers
I really like the Furtopia server because I can express myself without getting hated on unlike in a few other servers I’m in. I can be a furry without needing to worry about people that hate furries. I really enjoy being in the Furtopia server because it’s a place where I can be happy.
Vor 347 Tagen
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Nexus Nexus
Overall Review
It’s a pretty good server, Lots of nice people to meet and nobody rude. The server does have its ups and downs. But overall, I really like this server! It’s a good way to join the fandom if you’re new with lots of interactive and supportive people
Sunkai Sunkai
Antwort eines Administrators
Thank you for taking the time to review the server :)
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Bright_ Bright_
Not much else to say, pretty damn good server.
Enjoy if you join, you won’t regret it
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