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Advanced Warfare: Gods of steel

Advanced Warfare: Gods of steel

We are a growing sci-fi rp server with both an rp side and community side. We have daily updates and plot is formed around how players rp and interact. Operations and events occur daily along with an economy system that rewards players with income for good work, this can be used to enhance your character with items from the shop.

You can play as a Titan pilot, Non-pilot (soldier), Civilian, and if your lucky Nano Warrior. Each type of character has their own ranking system and unique classes to further customize your own unique characters! We have war hardened vets to soft skinned recruits all waiting to baith in the blood of their enemies.

Customization and creativity is urged and with over 200 channels to engaged in rp and further develop your characters!
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Nom_Mom Nom_Mom
Active and fun!
I love this server it's so much fun! It's still kinda new so there isn't a bunch of people but it's still very active! There is a mission almost every other day so you won't get bored. Also, a lot of detail went into making it and you can tell.
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