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After a huge war left only the United States and their puppet governments in the Americas alive, the New World Order was formed. The old ways off the world were cast aside, along with Democratic policies. A new world needed a new form of order. Such a powerhouse of a nation crushed any and all rebellions staged against it, leading for prosperity amongst its people.

Eventually, super humans began to emerge. Not selfless and stoic heroes, but people. Their abilities ranged from fire to water to manipulating technology. Only a select few were allowed to live in the NWO without extreme persecution. Others ran away, others were simply killed. Soon, the NWO set up a program. The Utopia Program, aimed for locking up and containing all people who showed they had specific abilities.

It came as no surprise that the New World Order was the strongest of anything left on Earth after their technology was bolstered several folds by the new powerful humans forced into their aid. But it never prepared them for what came.

In the beginning, before time, there were two brothers. Universe and Oblivion. What equated to forever in the perception of a person, they battled and fought. But the two were exactly even. No better nor worse in any area than another. They decided on a contest. Universe created Earth. Oblivion created the Expanse. One day the two realities would wage war. The day came, and nobody on Earth was prepared. Where Universe had faith in his people to naturally become strong and able to defend themselves, Oblivion believed in militarisation and extreme subjugation. Earth was over run in a matter of hours. Though some, including the NWO fought against them, billions of people died.

Several refugees from one of the most brutal Utopias, U14, escaped to the Expanse and reside now in a village amongst the people of the expanse, greyskins.

How long will it take for Oblivion to find them?


You may choose between playing a person with abilities or a guard / soldier character
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yeehaw yeehaw
Good story driven rp.
People are friendly and the roleplay is flexible and open. Nice community, though it is a little small for now. The lore is good and it helps gives the roleplay life.