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👌Heya everyone and welcome to this mess of a discord server!👌
🐸We have a friendly community with lots of memers!🐸
💸Our server has rob disabled!💸
❤️Here are our Bots:❤️
- 🍏OwO bot🍏
- 🔥Dank Memer🔥
- 🌏GCA🌏
- ⚡Pokècord⚡
✏️And Many, many, (many) more.✏️
💜We also host lots of dank memer giveaways and have invite rewards! 💜
❗So what are you waiting for? I mean, we have everything you do need for a dank memer server, so hurry up and click that join button. ❗

🌈(and if that doesnt convince you, all of our roles are in rainbow order, and have emojis :3) 🌈
👌We are the friendliest server out there, so come in and join the fun!👌
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Bewertungen und Rezensionen

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McBlyat McBlyat
gr8 i r8 8/8
this server is op because there are lots of giveaways and active peoplez. we also dont allow the n word which i think is a very good touch and not many servers are sensitive to that but we are concerned in the world of that racism is very prominent so it is a good server to join i dont regret my decision
Vor 166 Tagen
ShadowHanzo ShadowHanzo
Allows you to advertise in specific channels, unlike other selfish server
Also having full list of servers to rob, when you are done with current one you can always go for the next
Vor 251 Tagen
SomeRaccoon SomeRaccoon
It's an awesome server. It's pretty nice to rob and theres often heists, where the one that gets the most money always shares. It got 2 boosts and it's a premium server where everyone get donor cooldowns.
Vor 274 Tagen
Cosmic. Cosmic.
Not the owner
This server is amazing! because i’m not the owner it’s not wrong for me to rate this server! and i mean oop if y’all don’t think this server that BTW HAS DANK MEMER PREMIUM isn’t cool, then there is something your not seeing right. i swear to god if you don’t join...
Vor 275 Tagen