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Captain's Lounge

Decades have passed since the Golden Age of Pirates and the second Pirate King’s demise. The oceans calmed once more and a brief period of peace has allowed the world to heal over from the terror and tragedy of those times. However, stories whispered behind the World Government’s back has given life to a new generation of dreamers. All flocking to the seas to claim the title of Pirate King and the legendary treasure that goes with it for themselves. If it really exists. Welcome to the Dream Age.

Ahoy! We are a small, friendly and supportive One Piece OC RP server focused on the next generation and their stories. We offer:

- Friendly mods who are very willing and keen to help develop your OC's and their journey.

- Unlimited OC creation. You can also create your own crew or join an existing on their adventures! (We do custom Jolly Rogers for crews as well)

- We are a longer story based RP centring around personal character development arcs.

- Rewards and a level progression system for your OC to gain bounties, move up in rank, get stronger and make a name for themselves in the One Piece verse. There are opportunities for special items and gaining devil fruits.

- DnD inspired mechanics with stats and dice for those who like chance to direct their story. How much and often you use it is up to you or if you even want to at all! It's only compulsory to use in battles and special events, everything outside is up to you.

- Resources for those who are not as familiar with One Piece to help aid you.

- A blog with RP updates to the stories, characters, events, art and more! (Currently a WIP though)

A couple other notes:
-You must be 16+ to join.

- We are a paragraph style RP so please be able to write in paragraphs.

We hope to have you join our Nakama!
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