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Cisn't City

A welcoming community for all trans people.
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imstuff imstuff
Friendly server
It's a cool server with a bunch friendly people. It can get kind of crazy but you'll get used to the craziness after a while.
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rybread rybread
lunar smells
the hottest server in the west. i need more than 80 characters so njsnshbssssssssdjnnerieuedhuededuhudhedhehdemwkswnosinssniwisnwisiwnswinnsniebeuddedbrryvfrfvrftgt
- Rylie
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Zoe Zoe
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🐀 Anthropoid Rat 🐀 Anthropoid Rat
Good for transgenders, but community is a bit forced?
I like that this place has a supportive environment, but I feel like it needs to be more open to everyone. Transgender or not, this place should provide an appeal for everyone who joins, but I really don’t see an incentive or reach to everyone but transgenders. Does that make sense? It would be great to see it improve and look out to people who are looking just looking to be friendly. People are people. It would be great to see some fresh faces with different experiences.
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