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σғғιcιαℓ ∂ιscσя∂ ғσя тнε мαgιcкιαηs үσυтυвε cσммυηιтү

We are a community of witches, wizards, and occultists focused on the study and understanding of magick. Our aim is to grant accessibility to resources for all levels, create lasting bonds of friendship, and provide a place to express oneself in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you are just beginning in this path, or are one with years of experience, Magickians is open to practitioners from all walks of life. We hope you'll join us on a new magickal adventure!

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jupiter system jupiter system
I love this sever. It is fantastic for advice, communicating, and support! This especially helps if you are a beginner witch! Overall, this server is my favorite server for witches. Blessed be! 777
Vor 104 Tage
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This server has helped me grow in my practice
While there is a lot of beginners in the server, there are quite a lot of vastly diverse and experienced practitioners willing to help answer any questions or find resources. There is always a mod on and questions topically get answered within a few seconds of asking.

There is a wide range of sections and topics like astrology divination deity philosophy and more.

The community is pretty active with people in and out of vc through out the day.

The owner of the server also teaches a pretty detailed course on help young practitioners.
Vor 119 Tage
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Verified Mommy Dommy Verified Mommy Dommy
Pretty Gucci
Mods take care of situations quickly and without bias. While there are a bit more "baby witches" and youngins than I would prefer in a server, everything is usually kept within the subject with questions answered with professionalism. If you make a fool of yourself, expect to be treated like one on here, especially if advice was given before hand. Can be a safe space, is quite pc, but the mods know when to put their foot down when something is ridiculous.
Vor 119 Tage
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【∘⋆⁺°⋆ ☆gσвℓιи мαи☆∘⋆⁺°⋆】 【∘⋆⁺°⋆ ☆gσвℓιи мαи☆∘⋆⁺°⋆】
The people in this server is quite rude. The staff have a rude tone towards new witches and do not know how to handle arguments properly. Speaking of arguments they have tons of them. All the time everyday over all sorts of things. Most of the people that are most active never get in trouble for starting or participating in arguments. Nor is the owner of the server doing anything about it.
aerrie aerrie
Willowdark here.

On behalf of the entire Magickians community, I would like to state that we have no tolerance for rudeness or bullying. We are also a moderated server for a reason. Your interactions and attitude with other members of the server can and will warrant multiple warnings from the mod team if they go against our guidelines (tolerance and respect). Naturally, as the moderation team and as acting admin, it is our job to uphold and enforce these basic rules in order to maintain peace. We cannot force anyone to follow the rules, so if one chooses not to, that is of their own will and they are choosing to face the consequences of this action.

As for the "arguments," we have stated before that we are open to discussing all manners of appropriate topics in a civil manner. Because someone disagrees with someone else does not make it an act of aggression nor does it make said conversation an argument. We do promote healthy discussion as well as challenge and debate, but we do not condone hostile arguments or behavior.

What is an argument is violating the rules and fighting against the moderation team after having been respectfully asked to correct your behavior in accordance to the rules. All members are required to follow the guidelines, even staff. This is where our infraction system comes into play.

Magickians is not a place of toxicity or elitism. You will always run into people who disagree with you and/or have different or more experience than you. This does not mean there is a negative disparity between people nor does it warrant slander in any form. Everyone is different and this is allowed in our server.
We are a community of people seeking to share knowledge and learn with friends.

Lastly, Magickians does not tolerate bullies. This is paramount and shall continue to be as such, no questions asked.

Thank you.
Vor 121 Tage