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Ouroboros is a brand spankin' new witchcraft server for all races, peoples, genders, sexualities, and magickal practices and/or religions! We want to create a tight knit community of open minded people and a space for practice, interaction, and learning!
-Suggestions are welcome!
-Swear to your heart's content if you wish!
-Discussion/debate, writing prompts, media sharing, and even memes!
-Classes & Teachers to come soon!
-Automatic role assignment!
-Many more things to come with YOUR HELP!
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lunar lunar
In response to the only 1 Star Review
BOI OH BOI. Where to even begin.

This server is the best spiritual, pagan, and occult server you can join and don't just take my word for it, join the community and find out for yourself.

The accusation of pedos is total bullshit drivel written by a racist, sexist, still lives with his parents and has 0 worldy experience, white supremacist, homophobic, and transphobic child who doesn't respect people who are different from him, or people he can't use.

Ouroboros is all inclusive server with competent staff who adhere to a strict policies that are enforced to protect minors and adults respectively. It's a welcoming environment where intolerance is nipped in the bud the moment it surfaces. Members are expected to respect each other unconditionally.

New to your practice? Don't worry about that, everyone is eager to help green leafs who don't really know where to start without judgment. The staff are friendly and helpful. One staff member in a time of great duress DM'd me directly to make sure I was okay and offered their ear to me.

The staff genuinely care about its members. You don't get lost as a number here and the treatment of members is fair. You're given fair warnings before any serious consequences are hammered out.

Discord is a platform for users who are 13+ years of age and this server invites young practitioners to enter a safe environment to learn more and grow in their spirituality and craft. This is rare. A lot of servers have age restrictions making it difficult for minors to access legitimate information and resources focused on their faith and religion. EVERY religion and practice is welcome, truly.

All NSFW channels are locked behind an 18+ role. Illegal and predatory behavior is dealt with SWIFTLY and harshly, these are not laughing matters and are given the appropriate and immediate attention they deserve.

Is there really any more that you could ask for in a server? Friendly active staff. A safe environment for adults, lgbt, minors, and minorities. Abundant resources and experienced practitioners eager and those who are new and just starting. Diverse member base. A place to hang out and chill in addition to study and learning.

Now, to address in further detail what the staff member who responded to libel of that one reviewer, and in specific why both of us can be consider authorities on the sheer magnitude of his bullshit.

So do we know this is bullshit? We were active members for roughly the same length of time, I personally was a member of his server for seven. agonizing. months. I feel it important to mention that one of the admins, too, had the displeasure of participating in and catching the obsessive fancy of Sage. He choose his staff members based on who he considers buddies and they're good little foot soldiers who wait on this child hand-in-toe as opposed to those who are capable of maintaining an making level headed decisions.

Sage's feelings are fickle. Expect to be on bad terms by the end of your stay if you don't agree with his every misinformed opinion. He has no interest in learning and improving as a person. Ask any of the members in Ouroboros who had the displeasure of joining his server and you will be told the same story of a tantrumming child who can't bare it when he doesn't get his way.

To make matters worse, he actively encourages intolerance and bullying, ESPECIALLY OF CHRISTIANS, and instigates his members to gang up newbies who are less informed about their spirituality and in need of a little guidance and a push in the right direction towards strengthing their craft before Sage outright bans them (they like to play with their food before they kick and ban them). They even have a channel called "The Kennel" for members who "get in trouble" where members are treated as animals. He owns a server that provides a safe space for nazis and white supremacists where they can thrive unchallenged.

Sage is an abusive, gaslighting individual who deflects all responsibility and suggests that all problems must be resolved through meditation. Have a mental illness? Meditate, or else you're a spiritually week and incapable person. I can't even begin to describe how dangerous this server is to minorities, youth, and the mentally handicapped or ill.

He actively discredits learning from experienced individuals, suggesting that knowledge contaminates your ability to practice your craft and that if you study you will never be able to achieve his levels of greatness and expertise. Want to truly progress? Meditate. It is the answer to all and every issue. Oh, except when you want something. Light up a candle and treat your spirits and deities like gift and aid dispenseries.

Call him out on his behavior and he'll mess with your head, and he's excellent at subtle manipulation, and he'll dance around you in circles until he's flipped the tables and you now believe that the issue you were trying to address is actually your fault. It was YOU who were wrong. He will claim that he was only looking out for your best interests and everything he does is for your own betterment and that truly, he did no wrong because it was all for you anyway, so maybe you should meditate more.... Because meditation is the key to eliminating your negative feelings that are a direct result of gaslighting, opressive beliefs, and bullying.

He gets shit faced drunk in his voice channels and shortly after starts mistreating the others present in the call. Call him out. He'll deny it even when the other members confirm that he is behaving inappropriately and unkindly.

There's so much more I can say, but allow me to conclude this review here because if I tried to highlight every problem with Sage AND his server, I would never stop writing. Do yourself a favor, avoid this asshole and his server and those who claim to frequent it. Need help spotting said people, many of us will gladly help you.

Do not take a single thing his members or staff say seriously. It is all a bunch of horse shit that wreaks worse than anything you have ever smelt before.
Saberfiend Saberfiend
Great community
Awesome community of helpful, funny, and lively individuals. Very knowledgeable, and welcome everyone with open arms. Really feels like home.
Minkuh 🌈❤ Minkuh 🌈❤
Simply great
This server is filled with many people willing to help at any time.
The general atmosphere of the server is very lovely and you will almost instantly feel at home.
Sage Sage
Underage kids
Bunch of underage kids being cassually groomed by pedos . . . ..
DemonMonk DemonMonk
An inarticulate manchild who tells everyone they're overemotional and need to meditate but spreads blatant lies about a server just because they don't put up with his White Nationalist nonsense. I love it.