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Ouroboros is a brand spankin' new witchcraft server for all races, peoples, genders, sexualities, and magickal practices and/or religions! We want to create a tight knit community of open minded people and a space for practice, interaction, and learning!
-Suggestions are welcome!
-Swear to your heart's content if you wish!
-Discussion/debate, writing prompts, media sharing, and even memes!
-Classes & Teachers to come soon!
-Automatic role assignment!
-Many more things to come with YOUR HELP!
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big_hog_juicer77 big_hog_juicer77
Banned without reason
I originally joined as I am apart of an RP server called Ouroboros curious about the name of their server. When I posed the question, I was immediately met with aggression from the mods assuming that I were asking them to change their server name. Upon learning that their server was based around occult beliefs/religions, it sparked my curiosity and I wished to gain entry to the entire server. However, the moderators seemed to have no enjoyed the fact that I said I do not personally belief in any occult beliefs/religions and I promptly got kicked.

Any server who restricts you on entry purely based on your individual belief is no good server. I wouldn't recommend anyone joining, even if you share some occult beliefs/religions that're advertised on the server.
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CrescentMoonV2 CrescentMoonV2
I cannot describe how awesome my experience has been here. I joined back in June, and I can honestly say I’ve formed a little family here. 10/10 server, you should definitely join and stay.
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Saberfiend Saberfiend
Great community
Awesome community of helpful, funny, and lively individuals. Very knowledgeable, and welcome everyone with open arms. Really feels like home.
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Minkuh 🌈❤ Minkuh 🌈❤
Simply great
This server is filled with many people willing to help at any time.
The general atmosphere of the server is very lovely and you will almost instantly feel at home.
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