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Large friendly gaming community (PC ONLY). We have a collection of extremely excellent people here and they are all waiting to meet you. We support each other with gaming builds, advice, digital resources and other tools to help each other succeed. We play many games including Satisfactory, Overwatch, Far Cry, Total War, Assassin's Creed, Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel's Avengers, New World as it drops and more! In fact, many of our Guild Officers are exploring the New World ALPHA at this very moment in order to provide you with better support at release. Our V9 Road Map currently has many of the upcoming triple-A tittle releases so if we don't currently play something you like, then that may change soon. This is a very large community that likes to help each other to have a more excellent gaming experience. Come Join us, and Welcome to V9!
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technitaur technitaur
Easily the most fun group of gamers I've ever run with
I got into this group a few months ago by asking around to see if there were groups who liked doing lots of Scorchbeast Queen runs in FO76. They invited me and did not disappoint. We have huge gatherings where we kill the Queen a dozen or more times every Friday, and the people here are hilarious with great senses of humor. They're also incredibly helpful with any questions you have or assistance you need in the games we play (which presently include FO76 and Red Dead Redemption 2 as our main games at the time of this writing).

Highly recommended group of people from many different countries and walks of life.

And in the words of our patron saint Johnny Moreno, EL-7 is Gold...
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Vault310 Vault310
Passionate dedicated Hardcore players.
V9 houses some of the best players in fallout 76. Their abilities and knowledge outweigh most servers but they remain humble and welcoming. Great place if youre looking for a server with players who get things done.
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GorgieB GorgieB
Comfortably the most active discord server I've had the pleasure of being invited too, the people are as friendly as you'd like them to be with lots of banter in the voice chat - the rules are simple and there are events on a weekly basis not to mention lots of spur of the moment gatherings and things going on 🤗
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Ramblingpaul Ramblingpaul
Active, friendly bunch of a-holes.
I've bounced around some of the other big F076 Servers looking for end game content and like minded people to play with without much success, I was invited to the cult and joined expecting another message board with no in-game activity. What I found was a welcoming well organised active group who provides as much or as little support as you want and has regular weekly in game events. It has a sensible set of rules that boils down to "don't be a dick". Overall, just what I was looking for.
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