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Boys R Us

We're a community exclusively for transgender males to discuss transitioning, social issues, or to just chill out!
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3rDegreeByrne 3rDegreeByrne
Friendly, talkative server
Ive been looking for a good ftm server for a few months now, and this is one of the only servers that has a fun, helpful, talkative userbase.
egg mccoato egg mccoato
Friendly and chill place for the trans guys
I'm still new to this server but everyone seems to be real nice and laid back! It's got several channels for different things: memes, pictures, venting, resources... It feels like a little hideaway from transphobic society!
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Penn Penn
Really nice!
A small, but nice community of guys. Everyone's nice and willing to offer support when you need it, or just talk and hang out. Plus there's a cool in-server currency system!