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Visual Graphics

🎨 This is Visual Graphics!
We are a very active graphic design community with lots of people here to help you. Here you can request feedback on your work or help others, sell your work and more!
Some things we have in our community:
🎨 Graphic designers / VFX designers
🗣️ Active members to help you with your issues
🎁 Occasional giveaways
💵 Find clients to work for
📢 Find graphic designers easily with our ticket system
😄 Active and friendly staff working hard on the server
👨‍💻️ A game development / programming section.
🖌️ A wide variety of channels for different programs (Photoshop, Blender etc)
Thank you for taking your time to read about our server and we hope you will join us 😄
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Wolv Wolv
Not human
This server is so good, i think aliens run it. Btw jacc is an alien he very bat alien bad boi jacc. Jacc stop bullijing its not epic i dont like it. Stop it pls.
Anonymous9978 Anonymous9978
Antwort eines Administrators
Bruh moment
Vor 71 Tagen
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Anonymous9978 Anonymous9978
Pretty epic
This is the epicest server I have ever seen "I'm not lying" you can make a request to get paid work here easily
Vor 187 Tagen