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King's Playground

Welcome to King's Playground!

Our community offers many different gaming experiences that everyone will enjoy, such as: SCP: Secret Laboratory, Gmod and Rust. Our community welcomes everyone, no matter where you're from or who you are. We are currently looking for capable staff members who can relax and play, but can also enforce the rules when need be.

So what're you waiting for? We'll be waiting for you to join us in the playground!
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Sloth Sloth
Great Community
I've played/been active on this server for over a year and I can say that it is always active and thriving with great people. The staff are responsible and respectful. Kings is the first server I joined and since I became staff I haven't played on a different one.
Vor 78 Tagen
Illuminati🔺 Illuminati🔺
My Review on King's Playground
When I started playing SCP: SL I hopped from servers to servers, finally finding one where I feel comfortable on. The people are really fun and enjoyable to play with. Everyone is extremely helpful. The Discord server is the same way. Many interactive people always on, fun community. This is definitely a Discord server you want to be in!
Vor 81 Tagen
MasterDragen MasterDragen
My experience
I thought and still do think that this server is extremely fun and friendly. Sometimes some people were not as friendly but thats expected from something online. I have the privilege of being a jr mod and it makes it even more fun in the events.
Vor 103 Tagen
Vence_Vertko Vence_Vertko
A Honest Review On Kings
This server was amazing, I met some of the best friends I had on the internet, but all good things either end or turn bad.

First off, lets start with the servers, at the start it was just SCP, and it was good the servers were booming and the staff were great Dino, Logan and Finnigan were some of the good ones they were the ones who made me want to become staff, there was racism here and there, but it was still a fun time. Now the server is full of inexperienced and incapable staff, That king gave staff to boost the server. He promotes off of hours instead of how good of staff you our, we have horrible staff as admins nowadays and mods needing an admin on when there's 8 people on. They can't handle even a few members on at one time so they ping 4 times to get more staff to do there jobs for them. But anyways enough of SCP SL, Time for Garry's Mod. The only really active servers were TTT and SCP RP, TTT was plain broken, and SCP RP is a long story. The main people who were working on it were great they had everything planned out and ready and it started out great they hyped it up like it was gonna rival SCP SL, and starting off it did, full servers and everything was good, people liked it everything was working fine, and now your wondering how its was gonna end. Well it was king, king broke everything planned he put in everything in at once, he put a weed plugin, and lot more stuff with out consulting the people who planned it, which were now going by the role GMOD O5, and all of that was what killed it, the player rate was dropping and server was getting worst by the day, I personally played it and loved it when it came out, but behind it all, the GMOD O5's were being yell at to populate the server and if they didn't King would just cut the whole GMOD server entirely, and when the server died he blamed it on the GMOD O5 and hid their roles because, "they weren't good enough to keep it going.", all of this made multiple GMOD O5's quit or leave. Enough of GMOD, now lets talk about Rust, the Rust server was not that populated from the start, for a Rust Server, about 10-15 player on a good day. Then King put in these rules like, "No Raiding past 6pm, No offline raiding, only take oil rig every 2 hours", these rules make it restrictive to the player, which killed it. There was a lot more toxicity then the average Rust Server, Rust's a very toxic game. Second to last Minecraft, Minecraft was minecraft it just died after a month. Last of all Unturned, Unturned was just not populated and not good at all. It had poor addons, poor maps, and poor management. All together it was just a bad server in all.

Secondly, lets discuss the staff, Like i said before the original staff were amazing they knew what they were doing, they were nice, and they actually understand people's mistakes. But yeah nowadays they can't staff they don't know what their doing and need to rely on someone else. Don't get me wrong there were god awful staff back then, but not as much as there is now. King, King gives people staff without discussing with directors, these people don't know how to staff, they just ban or kick anyone who slightly does anything wrong at all, and some of the new staff just abuses all together. But now the O5/Directors, The old Directors were like friends they were all talking and having fun. All the time, but when King work them like they were getting paid it starting getting tiring, they started hating being O5, they had to do everything that king said, "Set up this thing", "Do this now", and if they didn't get it down in under 2 days they got yelled at. So they all retired every single one of the old O5 because of King working them like a full time job, but one, one O5 didn't retire AshtonSparx, There's some stuff that he did that was incriminating, but i won't talk about it, he's an admin abusing and a power hunger guy, that's the only reason he stayed O5, so he can have power over the server, and do stuff to whoever he wants to, and King doesn't care about what he does at all.

Last of all, King, King is a good guy but, he needs to listen and not do stuff without asking people about it, because that's what makes the server's die, he just doesn't care about some of the staff. Over all this server is full of bad new staff, dying servers and a need for power. The only thing is holding it together is the dying game SCP SL. After that game dies its over for King's unless King can listen to people and actually care.
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