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Ascended Realms

▪︎This server is dedicated to building a community in higher states of consciousness, spreading peace and love. Bringing unification, living more consciously and being present within oneself. Navigating through our journey can be often difficult and weary. You are not alone, this place seeks to build a close family.▪︎

In this server we discuss: shamanism, buddhism, energy-work, healing, philosophy, alchemy & psionics.

We are a close tightknit community, we offer
◇ Guidance
◇ Social Interaction
◇ Sharing Of Knowledge
◇ Group Meditations
◇ Memes
- (let's not take life too seriously :)

-If you do not want to be triggered or have your reality challenged. This is not the place for you. If you have the tendency to be offended easily, this is also not the place for you.

This is a place for those who wish to learn from one another, respectfully. Sharing ideas whilst not forcing opinions on anybody. Please keep an open mind and refrain from judging others too harshly without seeing their perspective fully.

We can help each other through the healing process, but never forget to help yourself as a vast infinite source of knowledge is within you.

-This is not a shitposting place, but meme's are allowed in specific channels
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Wandy Wandy
Great Server
Positive atmosphere. Nice people, open minded community. There's no racist people here and that's cool.
🄿⒪⒤⒮⒪⒩ 🅃⒭⒠⒠ ⚕ 🄿⒪⒤⒮⒪⒩ 🅃⒭⒠⒠ ⚕
If it was perfect there would be none to ascend toward
I joined early in and have seen the community grow to something much bigger. It's a good place and very respecting about privacy and mutual respect, and there is next to no trolling and unhealthy behaviour. I believe we are all responsible for our own actions herein and I feel it is generally a very precious place among alot of the many alternative/ spirituality-related channels. I am neutral and observant most of the time and it's a place where I see alot of inter-connected communication. I hope that we will all develop as individuals and continue to grow in our lives, whether young or old. It's a good place to come to for self-development and pointers and communion. : )
Nappymatt Nappymatt
Laid back community
Nice server, one of the few I've seen with active staff and users. Joined the voicechat a few times and everyone is friendly and kind, while also offering interesting topics to discuss.

Really loved the little touch of having an eye of horus in the welcome channel. Hope you have a good day if you're reading this!
StunnaUniverse StunnaUniverse
Community is great!
I love the people and energy in here! Im glad to meet others that are like-minded and are open <3 The owner is great too, love them all