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The Diner
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The Diner

❤️We are a band of brothers and sisters from all around the world
❤️We offer a safe haven for friendship, humor and general gaming
❤️We have a very friendly staff
(Just call us the mom squad)
❤️ There will be a short application process before access to the server
❤️ A key note is that we are 16+ up to a maximum age of 30, but we welcome anyone that's willing to put effort into a friendly conversation within a caring community
❤️ When and if we let you into our server we will welcome you in as if you were our own
❤️ Full disclosure there isn't any nsfw content on this server as the owner really does not care for it

We don't offer nitro giveaways, perks, or anything of the such but we do offer warmth and friendship.

Come and celebrate with us!
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Meranum Meranum
Warmth and friendship abound!
These folks are real chill and welcoming. Good if you want some cool people to talk to/ play games with!
Vor 6 Tage
hellomartian hellomartian
Such a wholesome family!
I've been in this server for a couple of months now and all i can say about it are positive things! Everyone is lovely, the admins are lovely and friendly. Couldn't ask for a better server to join :)
Vor 31 Tage
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trini ♡ trini ♡
always welcoming!
im not as active in this group as most but every time i drop by everyone is always nice and fun to talk to!! full of nice people with good memes c;
Vor 73 Tage
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Kaijon Kaijon
The vibes are immaculate in this family
It's a great server with great people, probably the server I've stuck around in for the longest.
Lots of friendly people and for the most part, a chill community.
Vor 75 Tage