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Gamers Rise Up

A small community of mostly Rainbow Six Siege and GTA V players but we also also play CS:GO and other games. You can someone to play with and very active and accessible staff. Music bot included and more. We have a #advertisements-and-promos channel where you can plug your YouTube/Twitch, etc for free :)
Both NA (East and West) and EU. Mostly PC. Some staff speak fluent english, french and spanish.

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Cosmic Cosmic
Great community, helpful staff
Server with a very nice Rainbow Six community; Staff are multilingual, so language barriers are reduced. It's nice to find teammates who are focus in committed if you were to stack with them for ranked play. Overall, great little community.
Vor 282 Tagen
Znibor Znibor
Admins easy accessible
Admins and Moderators were easily accessible. A lot of active members. Mostly they play R6 and often csgo.
Vor 311 Tagen
Crimson Crimson
pretty damn lemoney i love lemonees and this is kewlllll i love how i need 80 caracters for this review so lalallalaalaa
Vor 317 Tagen
hex. hex.
Pretty kewl
There's some pretty nice and chill people on here, always down to play whatever game mode (cas, unranked, t hunt, ranked, customs)
Vor 326 Tagen