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Sexy Time 💋

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:kiss: **SEXY TIME** :kiss:
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**Sexy Time** is an own content nsfw/community server driven by the people, for the people. The own content lewd/nude sections are strictly restricted to people over the age of 18. The server is regularly updated and thrives because of a community like no other. We let our server do the talking. What are you waiting for? Come join us!

━━━━━━━:hearts: **What we offer** :hearts:━━━━━━

[ :underage: ] NSFW own content sections where members post their own pictures, nudes, teases, videos and gifs!
[ :white_check_mark: ] SFW content sections where members can post music, food, pets, selfies and their creative work!
[ :heart: ] Introductory channels where you can introduce yourself and meet other similar people!
[ :scroll: ] Plenty of roles that are both SFW and NSFW in nature (over 200 of them!)
[ :girl: ] Plenty of gorgeous e-girls.
[ :boy: ] Plenty of handsome e-boys as well while we're at it.
[ :globe_with_meridians: ] A talkative none-toxic community that thrives on being the absolute best at what it does!
[ :fireworks: ] We have plenty of bots some of which include: waifubot, trivabots, pokecord and nsfw bots as well!
[ :calendar: ] Server events which are both SFW and NSFW in nature.
[ :ok_hand: ] Regular server updates to keep the server fresh and interesting!

**Pings:** @everyone @here
**Invite:** https://discord.gg/frfjAhB
**Artwork:** https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/406391798106161153/407866465275084800/Banner_discord_thingy_wooooo.jpg
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Juliana Juliana
Amazing staff with the perfect community
Title says it all. The server owner (Saif#1183) cares about his server alot. The moderators do a great job running the server and the community is top notch! Would recommend this to anybody!
2 2
Tragedy™ Tragedy™
Could be good but
He helps other violators. Bans anyone who speaks out against advertising such servers.

He used plenty of PMs, too lazy to put in much less moderate partners / joins.

What a waste...

Saif Saif
Not exactly true, you're just annoyed because I wasn't responsive to your extremely rude DMs. I have more than enough proof to show your exteremly rude messages (on multiple accounts) and how you've managed to be intrusive and have used alt accounts to access the server, just to message me extremely rude messages after I had blocked you. For anybody that is confused, this dude's server has been blacklisted by many server owners due to the owner's exteremly toxic and intrusive behaviour.

We've had members on the server who have been here for literally 1 year and a half now, none of them have had any issues with the server. If you're reading this review, I suggest you give the server a shot and assess everything through your accord, instead of reading this biased review.