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This is DISBOARD official support server 😉
Join and tell us your suggestion or any problems if you have.
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₭Rosenfeld ₭Rosenfeld
disorganized, cluttered support channels
even with heaps of channels, the place is disorganized, they’re backed up on customer support, and they don’t have all languages supported for their channels.
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Vicious-Gaymer Vicious-Gaymer
Amazing Customer Service!
Your staff is incredibly kind and extremely helpful when I needed help and didn’t know where to start. I hope your bot continues to be the best discord sharing bot🤖ever! I already like it so much as a new user and can see the endless potential. Thanks!
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Na Cúpla Scáth Na Cúpla Scáth
Amazing support
The server is overall small and compact making it easy to know what channel is what and the supportr is honestly amazing and very friendly i really recommend joining
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𝙰𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚊 𝙰𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚊
Not recommended
I've had an issue like a week before about 2 troll accounts leaving reviews on my server that were against ToS. I was confirmed that one of the two would be removed and nothing happened. Later on I was confirmed that none of them would be getting removed and I'm honestly disappointed about the service and how situations are getting handled there. Also I was being told to proof that the reviews where against ToS and that I couldn't proof it with screenshots! So my question is: How can I proof something for someone who barely knows the situation and explain that the two reviews was being written to harm me and my server? Exactly I can't. Nobody in fact can. I messaged the Owner of the Bot and i didn't get a reply yet. I was being told that either he was busy or he would work on the bot which was an assumption or whatever. I never had such a bad service in my life before and i wouldn't recommend the service here. I know that alot of people have access to disboard and I'm really sad about the fact that there is such a big secrutity breach. I also met more people with the same issue I had and there again nothing was being handled well.

So now it's one week later and my server had many troll accounts because of the 2 reviews (cuz in one of the reviews wrote that this server is perfect for trolling so they should join). I had to shut it down and nobody seems responsible for this mess caused from their website. I'm continuing to try, because I don't see the point that I should put effort and time trying to defend myself against those Trolls. I wish that especially Taki would be more active on his own server, because he is the one who created the Bot and also responsible for all the people complaining on his server...

+ you can talk with other Owners with the same issue

- unorganized
- no one seems responsible for complains
- you have to wait a long time

Edit: One week later and nothing changed! I'm still trying to convince the support to remove the reviews that are against ToS.
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