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Nations of Oz (NOZ)
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Nations of Oz (NOZ)

NOZ, Nations of OZ, is in a word, COMMUNITY. This is the where you can to share, talk, voice chat on the common interests and games we have on our server. The largest of these is My Colony, followed closely by our 6 full-featured Discord Bot games, from Pokemon to DiscordRPG.
We also host a Minecraft server, have a NationStates region, a dedicated Anime discussion section, and several smaller game sections under incubation.

Beyond our variety of games and our rich cultural diversity and engagement, NOZ is a fully democratically run discord server. We elect our leaders, right up to the top. We use a unique system of government that helps the transfer of power such as server ownership go as smoothly as possible, and are proud to say we have been a successful democracy for over two years.

NOZ boasts an International Discord server, with people from Singapore, Canada, USA, Chile, India, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Croatia, Japan, Sweden, China, France, Pakistan, Slovenia, Portugal, and so much more!

Full Fledged Communities:
My Colony
NOZ Casino - Unbelievaboat
Bot Games - Werewolf, Idle RPG, Idle Titans, Coin Master
Other Bots include Tatsumaki, Dyno and B**bbot (ID required)

We have some Games in incubation as well, they are : Stardew Valley, Satisfactory, Factorio, and Lordzio

We are a Tier 1 Nitro Boosted Discord Community, moving towards Tier 2! NOZ averages 600 members currently.
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Teazy Teazy
Best Community ever!
NOZ is one of the best communities I have ever been in, different games, great members and the best leaders. They take all of their tasks seriously and the leaders treats everyone in the server EQUALLY! There is no favoritism on this server. I definetely recommend you to join this server.
Vor 474 Tagen
<Insert Functional Name> <Insert Functional Name>
The Word Community, pretty well sums it up
a very inclusive place for all to come and chat, play games, help each other and lots more !! just an all around great place
Vor 474 Tagen
Yan Yan
Nice Place to Chill
A still growing servers, and a fun one ofc, especially the Pokemon Bot (because of tournaments) and Cafe Bot (there is an AI that would literallly help you)
Responsive Mod, etc.
Vor 540 Tagen
BrianPlayz(aka ParisCraft) BrianPlayz(aka ParisCraft)
Great people/friends
They got great people, well new people, we can meet and they are all nice and respectful and the people will help others.
Vor 542 Tagen