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Bastards of Cap'n May.
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Bastards of Cap'n May.

We have a Minecraft 1.12 Server! Come join the fun! Details inside.

Arrr mates! The Bastards of Captain May are a multi-game community of gamers and pirates who set sail on the high seas of gaming! Our community is one of inclusivity and camaraderie. We’re composed of sailors from all ports and creeds. Our Pirates are here for one reason: To have fun and make friends. Guests are welcome in the community as Landlubbers, and can earn membership through activity! We play all manner of games, but we have a soft spot for pirate games, games of the sea, and sailing adventures. As well as survival sandboxes, Tabletop RPGs, and regular RPGs!

Not only do we enjoy playing games, we also have many streamers among our ship! We invite our Stream Viewers and fans to join the fun as well! Everyone is welcome!

On top of gaming, we also enjoy Gardening, Fishing, Programming/Game Design, and talking Paranormal and Cryptozoological topics as well!

And if none of that is your thing, then you could always join us for Table Top RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and other similar games!

So if you’re looking for a new place to settle down and make friends for the long voyage, we’re the ship for you! Be sure to check out #server-tag-requests to tag yourself with the games you play so you can see new channels! Stay Salty, Pirates!

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Adam (AlbertaA) Adam (AlbertaA)
A Home On The High Seas
A great group of guys and gals, large variety of different games, not locked on two games like most servers i've seen. If you like playing many different games than definitely you'll find others who share the same games.
Come check us out, whether you're a chill gamer or a sweaty gamer, you'll find a place on the deck of our ship!!
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Captain Seli The Pirate🌊 Captain Seli The Pirate🌊
Biased Review.
As the server owner, this review is highly biased.

Anyway, this is the best batch of scallywags a Captain could ever hope to sail with. We have a great time just chatting and playing games together, as well as streaming and we even went camping together before (Those of us that could make it). Its a great community that welcomes new people in with open arms.

If you're looking for a new community to get to know, then you can't go wrong with the pirates in Capn May. Come join us!
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