We are Lavender and we are back better than ever!
The Greatest Counter Strike Discord server in the world since 2019
- We aim to offer a simplistic server layout that anyone can enjoy
- We have every possible self assignable role my autistic cousin could think of
- We support dark humor and we do not give out punishments easily
- We allow unnecessary drama as long as you can actually trigger someone
- We use English as main language but we also do have non-English chat
- We have a meme channel where you can post your very best memes
- We have a chat channel dedicated for pulling out autistic flexes
- We expect you to have a basic understanding of sarcasm before you join
- We support self-advertising on a channel created specifically for that
- We have some unique features you have never seen implemented before

We also have everything else you may expect a proper server to have, even e-girls and autistic moderators!