Welcome to LSWRP. We are a new FiveM community. We were previously on xbox and are known for professionalism, discipline and fun. We have now upgraded and move to fiveM. We are happy to announce that high ranking positions are open. We are looking for various department heads. Although we are very small we are progressing rapidly at a pace that we, the staff team did not anticipate.

The staff team are highly trained, disciplined and can handle lots of work and stress. They have been roleplaying for a minimum of 3+ years with experience in leadership, teamwork and other aspects. Rest assured we will serve you and your needs to rp. Our staff team will do everything in their power to help, assist and guide you.


Our departments are managed by experienced roleplayers that know what they are doing. They will not let you down. You will receive a wide variety of ways to get involved in the community. Ingame Department YOU could join are:

National Guard
Whitelisted civ
and more...

We are looking to grow, and expand. We are a community that provides for its players. We are here to suit your needs. But we need players to join before we can tailor your wants. We take every suggestion into consideration and are willing to adapt as the community grows.

Join today and experience our wide range of departments, vehicles and more. We are new, still setting up but we assure you once everything is complete, You will not regret roleplaying with us. + We are looking for devs!

first 5 people that join via DISBOARD will receive 2 weeks of Bronze VIP - claim the reward by DM'ing the founder with code LSWRP_Discord31