birds of a feather, fantasy-themed roleplay

~ Land of Many Skies ~

Lands stretched beyond, deep, blue waves of the ocean, forming a vast landscape further than the eye can see, tall mountains just barely blocking the limit of one’s sight with their peaks in the clouds. Avros is a vast continent with varying biomes and landscapes, from dry, scorching deserts, all the way up to dense, vivid jungles and rainforests. Each of the various biomes hosts a variety of fauna and vegetation that corresponds, the inhabitants of such biomes often section the areas into regions based on their own heritage.

The inhabitants within the land of Avros are rather peculiar, being of a humanoid structure, donning large, feathered wings of different patterns to fit a specific species of birds. They have the feet and claws of a bird would, often feathered and covered with small patches of scales, while usually having a feathered tail sticking out from behind them. Otherwise, they seem rather human in appearance aside from all the feathers and bird-like appearances.

based in an original world named Avros, where the dominant race is harpy-like people, gathering in various tribes based on the bird species they most closely resemble. all types of literacy and experience are allowed. if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, come check out the discord! it has all the lore and background information you need to join us!