The Blue Lava Healing Network is your source of distance energy healing sessions, community, and peace. Currently offering reiki and theta healing we provide a place that is open to many types of modalities whether your a practitioner, client or friend. The owner Blue Lava offers distance reiki and the option for practitioners to hold their own sessions on the network. There are many features in the community, we have about 200 members, a 24/7 ambient commercial free radio, a channel for the dalai lamas twitter posts, chat, music and media, plus we offer energy shares for practitioners, meditation groups for members and a classroom for teachers. Our network acts as a family for people to get to know eachother, build lasting connections and enjoy their time together. We are global so there is a translator bot for assistance and we are currently seeking moderators and a project coordinator if interested contact blue lava.

**18+ only** Spread the love!

Blue Lavas Prices:

20 min for 16$
30 min for 21$
45 min for 31$
60 min for 41$
Group Sessions
30 min 11$ per person
60 min 21$ per person