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Our vision for Uprise gaming is to expand and develop into a top gaming team. We are looking to expand into other platforms and regions with the goal of increasing our popularity. There will be many challenges in our pursuit of these lofty goals, but with our incredible staff and ever-expanding player base, we feel we are well equipped to handle and overcome any and all obstacles.

Uprise was founded by five friends who both previously founded their own teams but left in pursuit of something greater. So they founded their own team, drawing inspiration from the Founding Fathers. This time, they would act as enforcers of the will of the people, their goal was to create what the community desired. It was in this democratic setting, that Uprise Gaming was born.

Uprise was always meant to be special. But we want to be unique. Our goal is not to be the next FaZe but to be better. We want to shake up the gaming world. We are a team that will not become complacent nor content, constantly looking to improve. We will be keeping this promise by engaging with our community and listening to their feedback.
We're a small comunity of gamer weebs,we ain't swearing here tho we have fun,there will be events in games or drawing in wich everybody can enter and win,have fun!
(Friendly desclaimer,we don't swear here)
Welcome to Inferno Gaming™️, a gaming community where you can socialize with other members. We play esports like Fortnite, Apex Legends, VALORANT, and more. You are able to find new friends, play games with other members and more! It also features giveaways, fun bots, and cool channels!

- Family Friendly
- Includes Giveaways
- Includes Cool Bots
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➜🔥 ludzi do grania w różne gry
➜🔑 selfrole do gier w które grasz
➜🛡️ ogarniętą administrację
➜✔️system wybierania graczy
➜💰 genialny sytem ekonomii (w toku)


▏Kurva Gaming is a relatively small community with a little bit of everything including: Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Rust, and a larger variety of other popular MMOs.
▏We are also the proud owners of the [US East] Official #1 server for SCP:SL, granted to us by the game's founders at NorthWood.
▏Our community has come a long way and we're always looking for more people to join us and we do NOT discriminate.

▏- ~3,000+ friendly members!
▏- Active VCs
▏- Fun bots
▏- Leveling system
▏- Lots of channels
▏- Fun Roles
▏- Support channels
▏- Fun contests
▏- Non-toxic community
▏- Open to partnerships
▏- Meme contests, game nights, movie nights and more!
▏- Competitive party games!
➣ 🤗│Fastest Growing STW Community (1000+)
➣ 🎁│Big Giveaways
➣ 👥│Friendly Community
➣ 🤝│STW Services (MM, Crafting, Building, Trading)
➣ 💪│ Trusted Staff
➣ 🎮│Event & Mini Games
➣ 🏆│Custom BR Tournaments

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Hey guys. i am an indian Youtube gamer.. i play fun PC games. So plese do join my Discord server... *AND I BET THAT YOU WILL NEVER BE BORED*
Roblox club for chatting and having fun. We provide VIP Servers, Robux/game giveaways, and frequent events. Group created in November 2017 and already up to 2000 members, and looking for more active members.
Dedicated server to YouTuber and Streamer, SixStriker. Growing community looking for more members, we do a lot of giveaways as long as you meet the server level requirement 😳.
💻Kanal tanıtımı için uygun odalara reklam atmak serbest.
🗜Ayrıca güzel bir oyun ortamımız da var.
+17 yaşında ve mikrofonuna hakim arkadaşlar buyursunlar efendim 😇
Καλώς ήρθατε στον Server της Pitagyro Gaming!

Η Pitagyro είναι μία Ελληνική ομάδα που δραστηριοποιείται σε όλα τα είδη παιχνιδιών.

• 150+ emotes
• επιμελημένο προσωπικό
• θετικό κλίμα

Κανάλια παιχνιδιών μέχρι στιγμής:

• Brawl Stars
• Clash Royale
• Among Us
• Clash Of Clans
• LoL: Wild Rift
• Diablo Immortal

#PitagyroArmy 🔥

Όλοι είναι ευπρόσδεκτοι στην παρέα μας.
A massive guild with something for everyone.

Hosting our own overwatch scrims! Live commentary each game, streamed live!
Make new awesome friends!

На этом сервере вы сможете, играть в ламповой обстановке с приятными людьми ^_^. Ещё здесь есть игры: GTA V, RAFT, MINECRAFT, PHASMOPHOBIA, PUBG, CS:GO, AMONG US, Монополия, SEA OF THIEVES, MUDRUNNER.
Witaj w stolicy Krak des Discordes!
Jesteśmy serwerem, który zachowuje się jak państwo posiadamy struktury władzy, stolicę wraz z podległymi jej tematycznymi serwerami, unikalną "kulturę" czy historię i wiele innych!

Zakochaj się w naszym INNYM niż wszystkie serwerze!
Co możesz u nas znaleźć?
-unikalną atmosferę
-barwną historię i własne uniwersum serwera
-wspaniałych ludzi
-możliwości rozwoju
-wiele rang
-multum własnych, świetnych emotek
-najlepsze memy ;)
Zapraszam każdego serdecznie <3
~Kardynał Armand Jean Richelieu.
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╭ ・★・#01: events + emojis.
( ・★・#02: gaming + anime based.
╰ ・★・#03: hiring pms. ︵・ ︵・

⿻ ︵ . ︵ . ︵ ﹒✩〃
It’s a server with mod tips and we sell modded accs and mod menus
Howdy, welcome to are server we have many things about fishes and we play lots of games, you may also share your art if you'd like or just listen to music. You can also participate in community challenges, events, and even win prizes! In the future we may add new things and features in our server.

Most importantly we need your help to grow, hope to see you there!
We are a rocket league server thats for trading. We have been online since last week and we are growing rapidly 700 in a week!