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Looking to recruit people for my legit fortnite trading and selling community, we do middleman services, WEEKLY giveaways, invite rewards, account drops, and much more! Owners, admins, and moderators are all trusted and legit sellers. I am also looking for new staff members and moderators.
For the best soy beans. Mainly about having fun, anime and memes.
We're a caring, loving and all round fun community! We have daily giveaways with a range of prizes including Discord nitro, PayPal, Steam games, and more!
We are a league of legends EUW community Discord server.
In our server you can meet awesome new people and also find people to play with!
You can find people from any rank in the server even challengers
You can also ask higher elos for tips! We also have tournaments, karaokes, movie nights!
A roleplay server based on Hunter x Hunter! Pass the Hunter Exam to become a Hunter, then go on to learn Nen and create your own unique Hatsu! Battle the Spiders and Chimera Ants, and take contracts or hunt your prey as you please!
We are an active Discord Community server aimed for EUNE players, having a good variety of players to play with or just to chat with and have a good time!
We also have some activities from time to time.
Here's what the server has to offer:

-New fresh server with 150members+.
-Active chat.
-People from every rank, including Challengers.
-Coaching channel featuring High elo players! Come ask for any questions, might help you climb.

Community activities:
-Tournaments with prizes and also live streamed.
-Movie Nights.
-Karaoke Nights.

Invite link if you are interested in being a part of our community :)
a place to talk about paranormal stuff and share your own stories
The OFFICIAL server for Fresh Panda.

Trade in Save The World, squad up in Battle Royale, and make new friends!

Also includes other games, and is constantly updated with new features, and of course tons of giveaways!
Place for people who just wanna chill and have a good time
Zapraszamy na nasz serwer, który jest stworzony z myślą o graczach jak i zarówno tych którzy lubią sobie po prostu z kimś popisać bądź porozmawiać. Dodatkowo na naszym serwerze znajdziesz kanał memy na którym mamy są naprawdę śmieszne i soczyste. Jeśli jesteś twórcą na youtube/twitch to dobrze trafiłeś mamy stworzony kanał do reklamowania swojej twórczości. Na naszym serwerze znajdziesz ludzi którzy tak samo jak ty będą chcieli poznac nowych znajomych do grania w wszelakie gry takie jak:
-League of Legends
-Dota 2
-Rainbow Six Siege
-For Honor
-World of Tanks
-Euro Truck Simulator 2
-American Truck Simulator
This is a server dedicated to serious philosophy and theology discussions. We support a variety of religious viewpoints and are an inclusive community. Engage in debates, share your viewpoints and tackle your own mortality.
We have a plethora of self-assignable roles to declare your own personal gnosis to engage in the community.
Hey there! We're a small, friendly pokécord server looking for new members! Meet the staff, get to know new people, and most of all have fun!

Server Features:
⏫ Level and Self Roles!
🦋 Pokéverse!
❤ Friendly staff!
🌸 Custom Server Emotes!
🎉 Giveaways for members!
🐾 Daycare Services!
⚔ Come challenge our Gyms, E4 and Champion and make it into our Hall of Fame!
🥇 Tournaments!
🎵 Music Bots!
🤝 Partnerships!

We plan on doing a lot more in the future! Hope to see you around!
Serveur français animes, mangas, JV. On cherche à créer une communauté sympathique avec une bonne ambiance donc on est un peu sélectif à l'entrée, mais n'hésitez pas à venir faire un tour.
The infamous Memes in The Basement meme server has been recreated so that we have a place to meme freely and with great company. Here you will meet a lot of new people, take part in awesome events, play games with others, post and steal regular/surreal memes and cursed images, use bots and more. And don't forget to reach many levels of irony for great memeing.
A friendly, fresh and aesthetic discord server themed around kyoto, come on over and you will meet amazing people and you will definitely enjoy yourself with us.
-✽~Many Cute/Kawaii emotes you'd like!
-✽~Color roles and other self-assignable roles
-✽~Events every now an then such as Movie Night, Game Night, and even VC
-✽~Level roles and exp drops
-✽~Bot games for EXP and bot credits
-✽~Double Exp every now and then
***Chicken Nuggets***

**~Growing community** :city_dusk:

**~Helpful staff** :star2:

**~A large array of bots** :robot:

**~Non-toxic community** :rainbow:

**~Customizable roles** :levitate:

**~Monthly events** :calendar_spiral:

**~Weekly giveaways! **:gift:

***__Looking to partner with us? Be sure to contact @✘Fusion#9032 (532083962101891102) to partner!__***

*__Come on in and have some fun!__*
【***__Chicken Nuggets__***】

Serwer sympatyków i użytkowników serwisu poświęconego tematyce gier konsolowych i komputerowych. Masa kanałów tekstowych w tym między innymi strefy sony, xboxa, nintendo, growe zakupy, transakcje kupna i sprzedaży, ustawki growe, oceny gier oraz dyskusje w tematyce gier mających świeże premiery.

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17,697 reviews in total

!7md !7md
this server helped me and i found new friends
Autumn Autumn
All Praise our Lord and Savior
I absolutely love this server, and I just can't help but say thank you for everything. I recommend this server to anyone, even if you aren't interested in RP. The staff and Lord are extremely nice and helpful, and the community is overall active and welcoming. What more could you ask?
2 1
Jay Cooper Jay Cooper
Verify system is bad
Why have a verify system that uses pm? Because most people disable direct message from everyone in servers....Only way to gain access is to change the setting > leave > join back.
2 1
0001 0001
Family Gang
Best discord, if you're looking for friendly people to talk to
synthwave swirls synthwave swirls
Very cute and nice little server!
This server has a lot of good people in it. Not to mention the channel and roles are aesthetic, and has a lot of stuff in it. It is indeed Cozy home. This server is chill too. I HIGHLY recommend joining this server, i think you would probably enjoy it.
someonesaysoup? someonesaysoup?
Very Bad
Ambassador of BioFood says this is good server 👍
2 3
aiirice aiirice
Aii lav it (´◠ω◠`)
Der Server ist super cute (≧◡≦) Dort sind auch ziemlich viele aktive und nette Leute drauf. Man kann über den Server einfach nichts Schlechtes sagen ^^ Alles perfekt 👌

p.s Hab den Server zum Fressen gerne hihi
Wxld vG Wxld vG
Very nice server
It's the only server that I found (for Siege) where people are not toxic, they are very nice and they are always there if you need. The server also has ESL teams, Music bots, Rolemenus, and other technical features. I love this servers, I met so many great people!
Skinner ~ WarBaby ~ 新 ドラゴン Skinner ~ WarBaby ~ 新 ドラゴン
Great server
I really like it here. Great rp and other stuff
Lala ~ ♪ ♡ Lala ~ ♪ ♡
Very Wuby ♡
Have you ever been part of a server and felt like it's home and looked up to talk to people there?
This is how I feel about this server!
It took me a while to find this server but I'm glad that I finally did. This is a really loving server, members and staff here are really friendly and kind ♡
It'd be nice to have moar lovely people joining us- we will spoil you with wub ♡