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⁀➷ Bliss ♡୧‿︵

We are a toxic free server dedicated in bringing different types of people together from around the globe. We also provide a friendly and wholesome community for everyone to be comfortable in ≧◡≦ .


⦂ ♡『🌼』 An active chat and voice chat with over 600+ members.
⦂ ♡『🌼』 We do partnerships and affiliates.
⦂ ♡『🌼』 We have a total of 200 still and animated emotes.
⦂ ♡『🌼』 We host monthly events and giveaways.
⦂ ♡『🌼』 We have over 20 bots to play around with.
⦂ ♡『🌼』 We have amazing moderators and helpers that can help you with anything about the server.
⦂ ♡『🌼』 We have a wide variety of self assigning roles
Bonjour on est un serveur multi gaming avec une bonne ambience, ce serveur est centré sur le gaming mais on peut également parler de musique et d'animé donc n'hésitez pas de venir!
Hola somos un serveur multi gaming con buena honda i centrado en el gaming pero puedemos tambien ablar de musiqua i d'animés entonses no deven tener dudas de entrar en ese serveur!

💛Hello! welcome to our cafe!
We hope you enjoy your magical
stay with us! 💛

💛Our server is new, and we're always open for help and
suggestion! 💛

What we offer!

💜 Role-play!
💜 SFW!
💜 LGBT+ Friendly!
💜 All ages welcome!
💜 Anime!
💜 Adorable emojis!
💜 Fandom friendly!
💜 Self-Role!

💛 Come join and help us out! we can't wait to meet you! 💛
contraband warehouse. exploits, jigs, free methods, ewhoring, money making, marketplace. no redistribution.
Heyy, it's a friendly server where we play many game, mainly league of legends but also many others
We have active chat and many bot, only here for fun
Join us ;)
[EN] An international server where you can find friends for old or unpopular games + communication.
[RU] Интернациональный сервер, в котором можно найти друзей по старым или не очень популярным играм + общение.
This server involves adopt me and giving advice. We try to put a smile on peoples faces and make their day (つˆ⌣ˆ)つ
╭━━━━━━━.⋅ ღ ⋅.━━━━━━━╮
╰♡╮ ↶We Offer You↷ ╰♡╮
❥ Level 1 boosted
❥ Over 300+ Friendly people
❥ 100% NO TROLLS
❥ Selfie Verified System
❥ Anime Channels
❥ A bunch of other channels peeking your interest.
❥ A verification system to ensure everyone's safety and not allowing the trolls in.
❥ Voice Channel's
❥ Cute Emotes!
❥ Partnerships
❥ Friendly , Reliable Staff.
❥ Amazing atmosphere
❥ Cartoon Themes
❥ Fun Bots!
❥ Help centre for those in need of advice , have questions about the server or need to simply vent.
╰━━━━━━━.⋅ ღ ⋅.━━━━━━━╯
Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.

We have a Discord Nitro GIVEAWAY every week! 🎁
A unique and fun voice active server for meeting & making new friends. We host popular movie and music nights, gaming nights, & other seasonal events.

• Dedicated users that talk everyday in voice
• Popular weekly movie & music nights
• Monthly game tournament.
• Clubs & competitions
• Steam & Snapchat groups
• Relaxed and fair moderators
• Philosophy of open & free discourse
• Well-organised channels for interests & discussion
• Roles awarded for activity + additional role shop
• Comprehensive currency & XP system
• Multiple bots for music & memes
New small discord server im trying to make bigger. I would love if you joined! Active owner (me) i'm on every day and you can meet new people and make new friends! You may apply for moderator and help a new server grow.

This is a fan-based server for Nanatsu no Taizai based on the manga.

Before the holy war was a time we do not know, so why won't we discover it?
At the beginning there was nothingness, that nothingness was named Chaos by its creations; the six gods.
The Demon King has gotten an idea, sealing Chaos away. The Supreme Deity and their brother, Oberon, the god of fairies, has agreed to help him with his bound-to-fail plan. Perhaps there is more to this plan...but now you have found yourself in a conflict between three gods and their creator.
decide4u Community Server

Besitzer: SechsZahl
Owner: decide4u

Es gibt auf dem Discord Server:

Streams Täglich 12 Uhr (auf Twitch)
Nettes Team
nette und aktive User
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox.
Our games include HOI4, Stellaris, Empire Total War and War Thunder. We also have a tons of arcade games like Wolfpack/Company of Heroes/CIV/War Selection/Kards.

We host weekly and hold monthly competitions

Come Join Bastard Gaming TODAY!!
L’estam’ est un nouveau serveur dont le but est l’harmonie, la bonne entente et le respect. Il s’agit d’un serveur réservé au plus de 18 ans et qui ne prends pas la responsabilité des mineurs. La moyenne d'âge est de 30 ans

Il a pour rôle de créer une communauté sympathique afin de papoter de rien , mais surtout de tout , notamment cuisine, écologie, informatique, film , voyages, psychologie, arts créatifs...

Il réunit également divers salons de détente ,dont un salon humour, un salon sérénité et bien être, un ring, une salle de sport, un club Dorothée…

Il est composé en plus de nombreux jeux pour jouer seul ou à plusieurs dont un qui est-ce, un démineur, une magic 8 ball, un salon love et cacahuètes, l'horoscope, des quizz, des bots musicaux , deux radios animées…

Un système d’XP a été mis en place.
STOOOOP ! (stp)

Tu m'as vu, je le sais je le sens.


Bonjour, bonsoir, c'est vous qui voyez. Toi qui aimes la fiction, la musique, le cinéma, les trois à la fois! Le discord de la chaîne YouTube CédricMusic s'ouvre à toi!

Quoi ? tu n'as pas encore cliqué sur "REJOINDRE" ? Bon je vais devoir développer (help)

Je te présente mon serveur basé sur la musique (mais pas que). Si tu es curieux et que tu as envie de parler avec des gens qui aiment ces choses tout comme toi alors viens, on est bien
Welcome to Your Turn to Die:Continued! We are a roleplay server open to your own characters, or for pre-existing ones! The plot is loosely based around the content of YTTD, but the story is more driven by you, the player!

We're currently moving on to our third season! Please join if you're interested!

Discord Server Reviews

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106,991 reviews in total

Muted_Yesterday Muted_Yesterday
Nice server!
Sweet and awesome server, Not Joking, Great and fun. Friendly Staff and Members, and really Fun Games to play with in you're Off Time
10 days ago
Kinniecake! 🍰 Kinniecake! 🍰
Very welcoming!
It isn't much active due to its members being busy with real life stuff, but, during the periods of time where the members are actually active, I found myself very comfortable! I had fun too. There's a channel where you can share your own art and it gets pinned! I thought that was very nice.

P.s Heroes begone!
24 days ago
Communixst_ Communixst_
Love it
10/10 quality server. Y'all should come y'know. It's a m a z i n g. Such a friendly community and there's lots of dank memes
24 days ago
↟ Sentinus ↟ ↟ Sentinus ↟
Baya samimi ortam
Çok Sevdim samimi ortam falan filan yani güzel katılın
güzel public dc hayatımda gördüğüm en iyisi
110 days ago
2 1
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist
Join Let's Daze!
I haven't been very active but when I am I've been greeted with nothing but jokes and a good time. Highly recommend, you should join.
117 days ago
ImLuis ImLuis
I want to review my sever
yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
174 days ago
5 3
LiveYourLifeNerd LiveYourLifeNerd
Love it!
Not only is it a good community. It's also a place to hang out and find people to talk to. If you like talking, trading this is the place for you. Also you might as well join the giveaways while youre in here
271 days ago
Mirror.json Mirror.json
Most awesome server I've been on

294 days ago
matthileo matthileo
Friendly and Active Photography Community
Just wanna say that Photograptor is the most active photography community I've found on discord. There are always people chatting, sharing photos, giving feedback, etc. People are always happy to answer photography questions or give advice, and love sharing photos!
342 days ago
LProgead LProgead
Mauvais staff
Je vous déconseille de rejoindre ce serveur : les sanctions ne sont pas proportionnelles aux actes.
J’ai été muted car je n’ai pas dis s’il vous plaît dans une demande de logo alors que pendant 2 lignes j’ai assumé mes potentiels lecteurs début formules de politesse.
Je vous déconseille donc de rejoindre ce serveur si vous tenez à votre innocence et à la justice.
343 days ago
5 1
Dire Wolf Devil Dire Wolf Devil
One of the Best
A very friendly community with a ton of plots!
454 days ago
AltKey AltKey
This is a beautiful server with so many kind people and I would recommend this server to everyone
516 days ago