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Welcome to Crazy AND Lazy!!!
This is a server where making friends is number one on our list. This server is a NO DRAMA ZONE. We have nice admins who love to help others and numerous people looking to make friends. We would love for you to stop by, be crazy and be lazy with us while we get to know you.
Zephyr is a server that is a friendly, safe place to hang out in and make friends. We are a small server with the aim of meeting new people and creating a welcoming environment that'll help people open up.

- Friendly Environment
- Roles and Colours
- Bots
- 13+ and SFW
Akhoris Civility est une bulle libre ! Ce jeune serveur aspire à une communauté axée sur les jeux et le gaming, les memes et la créativité, les arts et la spiritualité, les contenus NSFW (séparés & distincts) et la sexualité : le partage et l'échange dans l'entièreté de ce que nous sommes, sans limitations, ni critiques ni jugements, ni obligations. Akhoris Civility reflète la vie, tout simplement ! La vie virtuelle au sein d'un royaume chaleureux, tolérant, bienveillant et parmi lequel vous saurez trouver votre place, votre confort et votre raison d'être ! Que vous soyez LGBT ou Hétéro, simple geek-novice, curieux, pantouflard, gameur ou dessinateur du dimanche, jeune ou moins jeune ; que vous soyez fille ou garçon (ou alien, qui sait ?) : "venez comme vous êtes" sur Akhoris Civility afin de rejoindre une nouvelle tribu au minimum gameuse, joyeuse, respectueuse, artistique et profondément ouverte d'esprit !

Akhoris Civility utilise un système d'évolution et de LEVEL afin de rendre cette communauté encore plus attractive et amusante. Votre Level est défini en fonction de votre activité sur le serveur : plus vous écrivez et partagez, plus vous gagnez en expériences afin de parcourir et débloquer différents rôles ! [0-8 = NOOB / 8-18 = LICORNE / 18-29 = ELFE / 29-40 = DRAGON / 40-50 = TITAN / +50 = MENTOR] Pas à pas, les rôles débloqués vous ouvriront certaines options et certaines portes à des salons qui vous seront inaccessible au départ. Cela concerne essentiellement la catégorie sexualisée d'Akhoris Civility. La "question-X", par exemple, n'est accessible qu'à partir du Level LICORNE. Le salon "nudes", pour autre exemple, se débloque à partir du rôle ELFE tandis que le Level TITAN donne accès à un salon secret... PS : L'administration du serveur est seul gérant des rôles en fonction du Level et dispose également d'une vie IRL. Pour toute demande, retard, erreur ou sollicitation, adressez-vous à la catégorie "STAFF" lorsque vous serez validé et membre accompli du serveur. Pour information, le système d'XPs ne fonctionne pas dans la catégorie : "Bienvenue sur Akhoris !" ni dans le salon : "bot-to-be-alive".
This is a server where all Kpop fans can come together and hangout and have fun! This is also where you can mercilessly fangirl/fanboy over any groups or your biases in general and no one's going to judge you. Please do come by, it'll be fun! <3
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
🍃 Leafy Land 🍃

🍀 Gyms 🍀
🍀 Mewbot 🍀
🍀 Pokecord 🍀
🍀 Pokeverse 🍀
🍀 Music Channels 🍀
🍀 Dueling Channels 🍀
🍀 Giveaway & Events 🍀
🍀 Friendly Community 🍀

» So, what're you waiting for? Join now! «
This server is dedicated to hosting tournaments and basic skill training for Storm Wars. You can learn to fight strategically against other players and come out number 1! This server will also prepare you for any scrip competitions you may enter in the future!
OC'S (Own Characters) ONLY!

- Although life in the universe may seem to be free from bloodshed, that is quite the opposite. Throughout the universe, there are plenty of mentions of war, discrimination, famine, and more. Villains are rising and lurking about, there are rumours of Hydra reigniting and causing havoc among Earth. The world is in need of some new heroes, to take the Avengers’ place as a new generation, continuing their legacy and mission. Will you help stop the newfound crime and defend earth from destruction from both terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings? To perhaps let the universe be at peace for good?
Wenn du lustig und versaut bist und Spaß haben willst, ist das hier der richtige Server für dich! 🍑
Welcome to the Forest of Fallen Stars! We are a relatively new Warriors Cats roleplay server that is still in the very early stages. The story revolves around the main four clans: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan but in a completely alternate universe. We are currently still looking for High Ranks and potentially staff!
mystical 🤠
~ a server where there's no hierarchy, everyone's opinion matters & is taken into consideration ~

~ minimal rules and moderation ~

~ actually active with chill staff and members ~

~ advertising, cursed images, pet channels all available ~

~ has a dedicated subreddit ~

~~ a sense of community and support ~~

we all hope to see ya around 🤠
A new Naruto RPG server coming out soon ! Still under construction but currently seeking people to become part of the project !

Why join us ?

- Rebooted universe where the lore starts at the beginning, when the first kage were chosen !
- Owner with over 10 years of RPG making experience.
- Great power up system.
- Lore made to make all clans appealing and offer more diversity of characters.
- OC only universe.
- Owner of server is reputed to have servers over 100 active members before !
- We also have a very chill community and some very detailed literate players !
- Lore based around geopolitics, clan and village dynamics but also deep understanding of the shinobi world's philosophies !
Fun social community, active chat and people to talk to in text and voice. Has waifucatch! Lots of members enjoy playing video games and watching anime. Growing community with self color roles and level up ranks. 50 cute emotes and more original animated emotes being added!
Serwer o tematyce ogólnej, na którym można znaleźć kanały aktywne kanały tekstowe jak i głosowe.
Oferujemy kanały do umawiania się na poszczególne gierki z których można uzyskać rolę na poszczególnym kanale oraz kanał z memami, z waszymi pracami, nsfw, z waszymi pracami artystycznymi jak i zdjęciami, muzyką.Jeżeli chcieli byście dodać coś na serwer jesteśmy również gotowi rozpatrzeć to na specjalnym kanale
Dysponujemy także kanałami z botami takimi jak: Mantaro, Miki, Myuu, Tatsumaki, Toasty, Rythm, IdleRPG oraz Yggdrasil.
Rozdajemy także rangi za wspomaganie naszego serwera poprzez różne, owieczkowe emotikonki oraz aktywność i bycie miłym dla innych, zapraszanie innych osób na serwer i reklamowanie go
Hey! We are making this server to grow a community and not numbers. We really want everyone to connect and have fun enjoying J/KPop and League together. Not a fan of League? No problem! We have a channel for other games of all types. We have 0 tolerance toward drama. Let's make this happen c:
Fairly new Furry discord server. We are a very open and chill group of Furries. This server is the perfect SFW channel to just chill, hang out, and do some roleplay.
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Cow Ch͏i͏l͏l ͏Ou͏t █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

Have you come to your boiling point looking for a Chilled Out server that is friendly, kind and funny? Well I am going to put your misery to an end! Introducing The Cow Chill Out Server. The most relaxing discord server out there! We are a very new server but we are expected to grow fast. We are an all age mature server and have channels varying from bots to photography! Whether you like music, talking or just chatting, we have it all! We even have specified language chats! We even host giveaways and events!
╠════════ What we have ════════╣

-> Daily giveaways!
-> Chats for different languages, perfect for all nationalities!
-> All ages which means different varieties of people!
-> A friendly server, we do not accept trolls/spammers!
-> An agreed to rules system to stop any unwanted bots/spammers!
-> Our own server bot! It plays 24/7 music + many other features!
-> Our own server currency! Earn currency and buy rewards such as steam keys!

╠══════ What we have to offer ══════╣

-> Many staff positions including admins!
-> Partnerships with all servers!

So what are you waiting for? We want everyone to Come and join our family!

► Permanent invite:
► Server Banner:
Muzillo | We transform the digital to you, we host website hosting & reseller hosting. We sell domains and a lot more. We focus on good customer service and a perfect community.

Discord Server Reviews

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Milk King Milk King
Milk King
I believe that this great man named Milk King deserves a promotion.
He keeps the server active and also enjoy helping the server any way he can. He wouldn't disappoint.
Lucifer Morningstar Lucifer Morningstar
Decent server
I have been to a lot of server but this one is actually good. The channels are organised and the people in there are very nice. I would recommend you to join.
j i m i n ✧・゚・ j i m i n ✧・゚・
This server is amazing!
When I joined, the owners were very kind! The server is new, so it had a few flaws, but I would defintely recommend everyone join!
ozeppo ozeppo
Jeden z najciekawszych serwerów.
Na serwerze jestem od początków, przez ten czas przechodził wiele zmian każda z nich na lepsze, dzięki zaangażowaniu właściciela, serwer jest super czytelny i brak na nim toksyczności.
Scar Scar
The Health Party Is A Great Concept
The idea of this server is wonderful, you get assigned supporters instead of having to wait for a channel to be created specifically for you. This is nice for anyone who prefers privacy.
Bappo Bappo
Great Community
The community is small, but fun. It's a great thing to be apart of. You should join the server.
⛧☽ ⛧☽
good server
good server, must join for everyone
simone simone
Ein schöner zwangloser Chat für alles und jeden. Sehr nette Leute
Mayweather Mayweather
mamamia :D
MattsWorldDiscord MattsWorldDiscord
Great community!
Stay together. Stay connected. And, be united! GREAT COMMUNITY!
1 6
Hardcore DC Hardcore DC
Not a good server at all
I was highly disappointed in the fact that this server's community worships a toxic fandom, which is racism. They called me the n-word for asking a question then said lol. I wish I could give this server a 0/5.
Seraethy Seraethy
Great server and website to find servers or promote your own server!
I've been using DISBOARD for a good while now and I've gotten a lot of members because of it.