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Welcome to the realm of Daesthitha, a large world of adventure and lore with a story all its own. Here, we have many story elements and a world with a variety of different areas to keep you going, and an extensive lore and backstory to everything. Multiple races rule over the land, and anyone can initiate their own story, adventure with friends, or even take on ferocious beasts.

Some great features we have:

-Friendly, close-knit community
-Adaptable story and lore
-Custom races and magic
-An entire multiverse to explore
-Custom legendary items
-Guilds and parties
-Gods and Goddesses
-Custom classes
-Semi-lit to Literate roleplay

We look forward to meeting you in the realm of Daestitha. Will you become an innocent bystander, an adventurer searching for loot, a hero forging their own path, or a villain releasing the spirits of darkness?
Game On is an official Discord Partnered LGBT focused gaming community. We specialize in the top games, from League of Legends to Fortnite. We have been known to throw together some mean DnD sessions. With over 4K members, what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!
Disclaimer: This is an AU.

This world is of many things. Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, Witches, and even more species that are true abominations to nature. The years have passed by, many things have changed. Lucian Fedorson is the headmaster of Fedorson Academy, which is a school for young gifted supernatural beings. His daughter attends the school, which is mainly the reason why it exists in the first place. There are also beings who roam outside of the school in the locations of New orleans and Mystic falls. Things are perfectly balanced in the world.. or maybe they aren't. Drama between vampires and werewolves will never end, the witches will never stop using offensive magic, and well.. the supernatural environment is slowly deteriorating.

This is a world of things going from impossible to not so impossible. What will you be?
Moonlight University: the college for the gifted
Every day, magically gifted children are born. They’re sadly outcasted by the general public, they’re put to shame and called “cursed”, they’re thrown out of families and onto the streets just because they’re special.
. . .
Well, Moonlight University is the first of it’s kind. A new hope for those who were casted away and out of society. The members of the university were given a new light to shine under and are able to learn, behave and interact just like their non-magical counterparts. All is well, here, at Moonlight.
이미 민윤기는 죽었어 (내가 죽였어)

(dont mind the edgy shit lol its just the theme of the server)

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ Dul, set... Bangtan! ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

  Welcome to BTS Roleplay. We're a friendly server for fellow roleplayers willing to roleplay as their favorite BTS members.



 ⌈🗡⌋ We welcome you with open arms to a nice, safe, and non-toxic community with active, welcoming staff.

 ⌈🍷⌋ Our server is strictly 13+ in order for you to feel more comfortable.

 ⌈💵⌋ We include an individual channel in which you can post your own advertisement to find a roleplaying partner.

 ⌈💊⌋ Everyday, we post daily activities such as qotd, smash or pass, and would you rather.

 ⌈💀⌋ There will be more than a hundred self assignable roles, and even purchasable roles for you to purchase and add to your profile.

 ⌈💣⌋ Our server contains bots such as Robyul, Jieun, and many others.

 ⌈🖤⌋ We receive Robyul updates on BTS' social medias.

 ⌈🔑⌋ Yes, we do partnerships.

 ⌈🔞⌋ We have a specific role which gives you access to our nsfw channel.

 ⌈⛓⌋ and so much more once you join our server.

Hi! The Tiny Beasts server is a server catered to gamer girls. we keep the creeps out. so not that it’s “no boys allowed,” but were a mainly girl group. we play all types of games, including overwatch (the most gamer girl game there is) on both pc and console. we have side channels for anime, hobbies, animals, and a real life/general chat to make friends :3 CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR STAFF. BRAND NEW SERVER.
This is the Deadlift4chips community. Focused on my streams, anime, and other random powerlifting discussion.
Hello! This is a hamilton server! We talk about a lot of stuff! We welcome people with a smile on our faces! I hope you join our server and have fun!
˚ ༘➷ Bris Café & Lounge is a Korean & Japanese based server, but we allow anyone and everyone, as long as you stick to the rules.
We hope you enjoy your stay˚ ༘➷
Welcome to YOutube Tutorial 2, come join us and have lots of fun!

Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow!

What we have to offer:
💜 Hey there! We're a chill, friendly server where you can meet other people, make new friends, chill out, and much more. You can be yourself but please don't be disrespectful. Our main goal is become a well known positive server.💙

⚠️ we encourage you to talk to anyone you see online. We really love and appreciate you for staying with us. 💛🌹

What we have when you enter
🌟Roles for channel access
🌟 Chill staff
🌟Events / Giveaways
🌟 People to spend time with
🌟Channels for support with any difficulties (ex, depression/anxiety/stress)
🌟League of Legends stuff
🌟Voice Chats
Currently hosting a KNIFE GIVEAWAY!

The Trademart is a CS:GO, community-powered trading Discord.
Our aim is to provide a toxicity-free environment for traders of all tastes and corners of life.
Our promise is to never fall under the nazi-like regime that prevails in most, if not all trading servers.
A discord community centered around gaming, anime, and chatting. We host gaming lobby events frequently and let the server decide the game we play in events. Our server also contains a leveling system that allows those active in it to accumulate more permissions. We strive to be as fair as possible. Come join the Sanctum!

Owner: LelReaper
Co-Owner: CodePapa

💫Hello and welcome to Wishes💫What is Wishes⭐️?Wishes is a Discord server that helps everyone find friends that have similar hobbies and interests. Here are some things that makes Wishes unique:
💫🌟⭐️We have lots of fun bots💫🌟⭐️

💫🌟⭐️Active voice chats and channels💫🌟⭐️

💫🌟⭐️Fun roles to pick from! More roles are being added daily and most are suggested by members like you💫🌟⭐️

💫🌟⭐️Nice staff who don't abuse their powers💫🌟⭐️

💫🌟⭐️A cute pastel aesthetic💫🌟⭐️

💫🌟⭐️A fun community that doesn't discriminate💫🌟⭐️

💫🌟⭐️Fun pastel emotes💫🌟⭐️
Please join and see what the Wishes community is up to! Our goal is 200 members☁️💫🌑We also do partnerships and are looking for experienced staff (mods, nitro boosters, game manager, and partnership manager)! Join today and stay awhile🌙⭐️💫
♡★GIF❤️🔗 :
♡★Link🔗: :

[!] Trouble Makers [!]

➽ What's this?
This is a gaming community founded by Qesh in the purpose of creating a great, anti-toxic, active commnunity! We look forward expanding our community as far as possible, gaining the most feedback for anything that can be implemented or improved, give our members an amazing experience & generally have a great time!
Hi! We're a community of queer nerds and gamers that are just trying to find some people to play with and socialize with. We play a wide range of games, Destiny 2, FFXIV, and Overwatch included.

We're mostly made of transgender and nonbinary individuals but are welcome to all!

Come join!
PenDemic Studio is a brand new Creative Agency who's aiming for today's gaming scene. Our slogan? "Want to stand out from the crowd? Want to be unique? Let us bring YOUR vision to LIFE!"

Discord Server Reviews

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53,116 reviews in total

PUTN (Pacy_Ajax on IG) PUTN (Pacy_Ajax on IG)
Pacyblitz Server Review
Nice and active server. Great trading system and other Pacybits stuff, but also a nice place to talk about all other kinds of (football) things.
TiniestTinsel TiniestTinsel
Like This Other Server I'm In, But Better
Small amount of members, real nice and cozy, cool admins and cool lore to the universe, open to nearly all kinds of characters yet well-moderated.
Definitely deserves some claps, 12/10 would clap again
Red_flare777 Red_flare777
The best Pokémon server
I’ve been a part of this server for many months. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, and the owner is really cool. I recommend this server for any Pokémon fans, and there’s many different channels dedicated to different aspects of Pokémon.
chou chou
active & friendly server!
this server is so well made, and everyone is extremely kind <33 its so easy to have a conversation there and it's such a nice and aesthetic server to be in! it has lots of helpful channels & cute roles and it's honestly my favourite server uwu
3 2
Dave123 Dave123
Hardly anyone is online, and whenever there is there often not very sociable, I wouldn't really recommend to anyone who's looking for a serious RP
daboss on clash daboss on clash
I joined thinking that this may be yet another server which is dead. I was very wrong. This is the best AGAR.IO server I have seen ever. There are people mostly online, and they are always nice. Would I recommend this server? YES!
Chenko Chenko
Perfect, chill and calm
Activity, giveaways, level up system and more. Friendly People there too, join it today, you wont regret it.
eggofevil eggofevil
Beste Vape Community EU West!!!!
Habe mich sofort wie zuhause gefühlt. Viele Nette Leute kennen gelernt. Am Abend geht die Post ab!!! Es is nie langweilig. Es wird sofort und immer einem Geholfen... außer man fängt an zu Spammen :-)))

Best Vape Community EU WEST!!!
ғᴀᴛ𝟺ʟx ғᴀᴛ𝟺ʟx
Owner's Own Ratings
Uhh. They force me to do it. They said they have pizza. So, I'm gonna go get that pizza.
🌺Lost dreams~{Mizzo}🌺 🌺Lost dreams~{Mizzo}🌺
Lots of fun things, people are nice^-^ Yes, they are also a little weird, but overall, I think everything is good.
My review (*^- ^*)
This server is AWESOME. The first time I joined I got an OP Quirk. Although I kinda abused it and it got removed, hahaha. Because of the mistake I have been given another good quirk, which was amazing and I really appreciate Wyeww (also known as Barney right now ;') giving me it. Although I didn't really like it, he allowed me to reset which was again very good. The only con I see is that there are not so many players, and the server is great so I don't see why. This is my review, I hope I did it right, haha.
Sen Sen
Great server
Amazing and fun server with lots of helpful bots